Help with acsension plan

It’s good to share ideas/ask questions in this forum. Below is my current rooster![image|281x499](upload://3s1bj2rlQW5A2jjDb97lwyiEOCR.jpeg) ![image|281x499](upload://yIynjvyNsfVq8a1x8aC7OxC2f9Y.jpeg) ![image|281x499](upload://flXhIr53S31IrWV46bloVPsw4WL.jpeg)

My plan is to finish Melendor, Gormek, Wu Kong, Grimm and Proteus at 4/70 (Titans are my no 1 priority for now). Yeah, and I still need to put a little love into Hawkmoon and Brienne for 3* but thought to stop investing in 3* after that. Then to bring Scarlet, Caedmon, Triton and Chao at least to 3/60 as second/third hitters in respective colors for attack. I have future tanks for defence in Guinevere, Li Xiu, Kashhrek and possibly Cyprian, but since raid cups don’t give loots, I think defence can wait (and I look forward to eventually invest in Sartana and Isarnia in a few months too). Am I thinking wise or are there gems in my rooster I oversee that should be prioritized above that plan

So here are your images.


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Green: Melendor (4/55), Ishhtak (3/50), Brienne (3/28), Margaret (1/1), Caedmon (1/1), Kashhrek (1/1) and a bunch of 3*

Red: Gormek (4/50), Hawkmoon (3/33), Kelile (1/1), Scarlett (1/1), Sumitomo (1/1), Anzogh (2/60) and a bunch of 3*

Blue: Sonya (3/60), Grimm (3/38), Karil (3/50), Triton (1/1), Isarnia (1/1), Agwe (1/1) and some 3*

Yellow: Li Xiu (3/60), Wu Kong (3/51), Bane (3/50), Chao (1/1), Guinevere (1/1) and some 3*

Purple: Sabina (3/60), Tiburtus (3/50), Proteus (1/17), Balthazar (3/50), Sartana (1/1), Ameonna (1/1), Cyprian (1/1) and some 3*

Yeah, as you can see, I also have Ursana at (1/1)

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Thanks Olmor for helping out the more visual types!

Gene I’d work on maxing out your 4* heroes that are already close first, Melendor and Gormek. I would work on Caedmon and Scarlett next.

The other colors, I’d ascend Wu Kong, Grimm, and either Tiburtus or Sabina (toss up here). Work on Triton and Proteus asap.

Your 5* are more of a luxury than a need right now. I personally would recommend having about 3 epics fully leveled (at least) before focusing on any of the 5*, just so you have some variety to choose from in offense and for class quests. Mainly because they’re much faster to level up.


Thank’s! Are any of the other 4*s worth ascending after that or wait for better ones? I’ve read mxed opinions on some of them …

Rigard is great, he’s the only 4* cleanser which makes him valuable for raids. Aemonna and Cyprian are ok, the former is a titan basher and the latter can be decent as a tank. The riposte special can turn an enemy special skill into a bomb towards them.

Li Xiu is great at defense, mainly as a tank, she’s very annoying to deal with there. On offense the 20% cut isn’t as noteworthy because of the way turn order and enemy attacks work. Chao is better at offense but worse on defense, his damage is pretty low for a fast sniper.

Sonya is great too, I think Grimm is a bit better but they fulfill different roles. Sonya is much more defensive than Grimm is, low damage but high stamina, compared to Grimm who’s mostly all damage.

Kelile has higher damage than Chao but is much more frail, she’s all damage.

Kashhrek is good at defense as a tank too. Not very noteworthy otherwise, his fire element defense can help in some campaign stages where the boss is red with blue minions, but not much to say aside from that.


Thank’s a lot, Dave. Really valuable input!

Seems like nobody like Sumitomo. However, Anchor’s guide grade him as B in all categories, for instance above Kelile. Could it be that his bad look and lame animation make people think less of him than he deserves?

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He has dumb special features and bad stats. Quantity isn’t always quality, since he hits not hard enough, single riposte is meh, the mana regeneration and his Sakura bonus aren’t noteworthy and he dies far too fast.


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