Help with a whole bunch of Stuff!

Hi everyone, so I have a bunch of questions

Should I swap Wu Kong for Gazelle for titans now, at 3.70, or 4.80?

Should I use my reset emblem on Morgan and give them to LotL?

Should I eat Danzanburo and Gadeirus?(Danzanburo screwed me over way too often, and Gadeirus just doesn’t have that oomph factor that makes him good at anything.

Should I focus Hansel or Buddy?

Should Agwe be eaten?(Had him for over half a year untouched)

Between Domita, Sartana, and Grimble, who should I give my mats too?

Who should the fighter emblems go to? Elena, Magni, or wait for a better hero?

Is there a better team composition that could be made for my main defense team?

Lastly, how does my 9th team look?

Thank you for the assistance!

My Roster:

Dont know about your other questions, but your 9th team is cute. I’d smash…

…them to pieces with my 3 star team of death

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Ooh wow, lots of questions!

Check this thread out for some guidance. Wu does more of a damage buff (even after misses) but gazelle doesn’t miss and has the damage reduction:

Personally my vote is no. Morgan is one of the best wingers around. Period. LotL isn’t a great tank and a slow flank… Not great from my experience on a defence team & easy to kill off/ ignore and work around.

No. Never eat a maxed hero…
If nothing else they are useful for trials quests, war depth/ options and a colour stack.
My opinion is that Gaderius is useful vs. titans cause of the attack buff and local HoT. Also beastly in rush attack and buff booster tournaments
Danza is less obvious but he’s also pretty decent in tournaments

Depends. Hansel is one of the best 4* snipers and mana controllers around… Love mine to absolute pieces. I’m less sold on buddy bit he gets a lot of love for the defence and attack debuff, especially on titans (only green defence down hero). My issue is he’s so slow and makes minions… I’d personally (and did) focus on Hansel first.

Again probably not… You’re not pressed for roster space so just leave him there for now :slight_smile:
One day you’ll get to him… Gets a fair bit of praise in some of the raid tournaments (all three rules). Not saying to focus on him yet but don’t just get rid of him… As i said, not pressed for roster space currently.

Probably Magni of the two… Then put him in your defence team and get Thorne the FK out of there!!! If a better hero comes along you can always reset Magni :slight_smile:

My advice is always play and use what you got… No point waiting for the rainbow unicorn to arrive :slight_smile:

I assume your main team (#1) is the defence team?
My suggestion would be:
Marjana -> Kageburado -> Vivica -> Magni -> Morgan Le Fey

Unfortunately you don’t have what is largely considered by all a “great tank”. If you pick up Vivica costume you’ll be sweet :wink:


Hi hi Guvnor, thanks for taking the time to help me solve my many questions!

On the first note, I actually saw your post on Titan damage boosters a day before making this thread. As of late, Wu Kong immediately gets one shot by 11s and it sucks having to always mana up Wilbur. While Gazelle at 3.70 is about equally squishy(could potentially survive a single hit), I could at least remove wilbur as his special minus the debuff on titan becomes useless. Therefore I could swap out both Wilbur and Wu in favor of Gazelle and a filler hero. I remember the usual idea for 5s and 4s is that a maxed 4 is still slightly stronger than a 5* at 3.70. And yeah… I absolutely hate missing too.

Also, I’m very glad you were in favor of Morgan over Lotl as she is my favorite hero in the game(and my 1st 5*). LotL is definitely nutty though in fast arenas.

Against blue titans, I actually place Gadeirus inbetween Morgan and Lotl for additional sustain and to maxmize my green tiles(no green sniper yet :frowning: ). However, while Danzanburo actually hits harder than Justice, that’s if he hits, and there were way too many moments where he would freeze twice in a row during an important moment. Every. single. war… so close to pressing unlock and eating him.

I’ll definitely work on Hansel first, Gretel has done well(though damage to nearby enemies may as well be nonexistant) so I have high expectations from hansel.(There can never be too much mana control).

I actually was pressed for roster space two days prior, I was at 90~95 until I decided that it was too annoying to constantly go back between tc and heros, so I bought more space lol.
I never really thought about it, but it makes sense since he benefits from speed and buff tournaments and isn’t hampered by bloody one.

I shall give my emblems to Magni(I’m really put off by Elena’s slow speed and glass like stats. She was my first 5* red and before I gave her the final mats I got Marjana and I immediately put her on the back burner to level Marj).

I don’t really like putting a healer as tank unless they can hamper the enemy like Kunchen. I usually like fighting people with a healer as tank as I can usually drop all my tiles on them without worry, and then fire all my specials at once on the snipers on wings. I’ll see how it goes though with this set up.

(Now I need to grab Horghall’s costume and Vivica’s. The odds are not in my favor :frowning: )

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A potential alternative to using mana pots to fire wilbur up is to use other items… So for example you can use a Turtle Banner to boost the heroes defence stat and/or an Axe Attack (or Bomb Attack) to decrease the titan attack power.

I’ve found this is enough to make Wu Kong (and other 3-70 heroes) survive 1 hit from 13* titans…

Could be. I don’t have much experiance fighting her so can’t really say :stuck_out_tongue: She’s pretty rare as it is (due to being a new 5* event hero - 0.2% chance of drawing her) so she’s super rare on defence teams.

Ultimately your call :stuck_out_tongue: Just remember the mats, time & resources you’ll be wasting… I mean even if you don’t fire his special, his tiles alone are worth keeping him around imo.

Elena was one of my first 5* to get maxed too. I had all my fighter emblems on her until I drew & levelled Yunan up. I still use Elena in every Green Titan cause her attack stat is just sooo good.

That’s the benefit of Costume Vivica is that it is esseentially a yellow version of Kunchen :wink:
As I said, you don’t really have a “tanky” hero so I suggested the best of what you got… I wouldn’t put vivica any further out than the flank… Slow Heroes (especially healers) in the wings rarely get a chance to fire & make an impact.

The costume makes him better but still really ■■■■…

True about Horghall’s costume… but I absolutely need it since he’s a jester. He’s the best hero that represents my name(aside from the hatter who isn’t good enough… not a jester).

While still not the best, and also with a highly contested emblem(ranger), his health at 19 emblems is actually insane. Horghall’s costume’s base health is at 1669 plus all 5 obtainable health nodes for a total of 180(36 * 5) plus the 3% health emblem which gives him 50 additional health, Horghall’s hp is at 1899. Finally with maxed Deepwood Elder Ents troops giving 9% additional health, Horghall has a whopping total of 2069 health!

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