Help with a Hero?


Stork 24 But Hiro does not belong to me. Why does anyone know who he is? You can help and guide what depends on how to give a good guy🙏🏼

I’m not sure I understand your question. Which hero? What do you want to do with him? :slight_smile:


Definetely i don’t get your question too.

Hi guys!
Sorry, for asking another question here instead of answering the one given, but i found this topic only suitable for my question.I’m pretty new here, so please be gentle with me if i ask some silly thing. I watched some raid videos on youtube and encountered a hero i don’t know. I checked all the available hero lists, but he is not included on any of them. If I remember correctly, he is a dark hero, with an evil wizards look, holding a book, his special is called Nether Shield, or something like that, with a symbol os a purple circle with a pentagram in it. Could you help me find out who can this be?

i believe that was a hero from beta called Aeron. believe he will be april hotm.


Dante, if you are correct, how in heck did that hero wind up being seen in a raid?

This is very puzzling.

video from beta i’m guessing. you can see him
in my alliance wars primer.

Raid videos…got it.

My bad

Thank you, he is the one i was looking for.

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