Help with a f2p team

to the experts, who would change since it the only thing I have

First of all, you have wonderful heroes as a f2p. :wink:

I’m not an expert, but as in this game are coming up new heroes with “antiminion” abilities, maybe you could change Seshat for Sartana. Besides, you already have a dispeller in the team.
Regarding Natalya, if someone protects himself to
new ailments, her attack would be useless.

But I always think that if you feel comfortable with this team, then go on with it.

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F2P with 0 seasonal where epic tokens can be used…

So anyways, Bai Young had been giving me a bigger headache than I anticipated when fighting against. Glenda seems promising and interesting but I gotta finish leveling 2 other blues before I start on her.

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Just checking, F2P as in free to play and no money spent on the game, your hero roster is impressive. I’d try…

Seshat Ariel Mica Kingston Marjana

With C. Vivica, on the team I don’t see other viable tanks, although for wars I use Kingston and yours is max emblems. Idk


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