Help with 3* team for beginner event

So I have determined that I have no chance at completing anything other than the beginner tier in the monthly events for now, so I am focused for a little while on maxing out some 3 stars for the next time.

Here’s who I have maxed already:
Tyrum, Bane, Graymane, Friar Tuck, Nashgar

Here’s who I am working on:
Gan Ju, Gunnar, Brienne (she was REALLY popular last time). Hawkmoon

Here’s who I have, but are still untouched:
Prisca, Balthazar, Kailani, Karil, Isshtak, Berden, Carver, Jahangir, Azar

Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance? Last month was the first time I really tried in the event and needless to say did poorly.

Keep levelling the ones you’re doing now, then maybe Karil and Balthazar. Things is, I don’t recall which color reflects in next month’s event, but it was either yellow or purple I’m pretty sure. Someone will probably chime in that recalls. If purple reflects, go Kailani instead.

As long as you don’t have 4/5* to level, may as well build all the 3* heroes up. If you happen to get her, Belith is a nice green to have too.

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Thanks! I do have 4s and one 5 to level, but I have been farming 19.9 and I’m good enough to beat that one easily. I don’t obsess over Cups and my Alliance is doing okay, so as weird as it sounds, I think I’m having more fun maxing out a couple 3 stars in each color. I’m just new enough that I don’t know which ones are going to be better in their end stage.

Are you trying to win/place high? or complete?

To win/place high, you need speed. If just completion, dealers and dispellers help as well. Gunnar and Kailani go a LONG way towards surviving; spirit link is powerful at that level.

Graymane and Tuck aren’t really good playable 3*s. Gunnar/Kailani, Berden, Balthazar are all good.

EDIT: Brienne for sure. for sure. She’s the Wu Kong of 3*


I’ve leveled two of each colour so that I can double up any element depending on what the stages need. I chose heros with the highest base attack for tile dmg such as Balthazar, Nashgar, Bane…

Brianne is a must.

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I would be happy with completion next time with placing somewhere above the worst tier. I got to the last stage last time around with that half-a$$ team and could have finished but I didn’t want to waste items just for a measly summon token. I now realize Fr. Tuck sucks, but why is Graymane bad? The steal energy back seemed really helpful. Gunnar is almost done, so I may have time for another Blue yet.


steal energy back is super weak and the people that have it have lower % of the special damage. Graymane isn’t terrible, he’s just averagely meh. I’d use Gunnar, valen, and Karil before him for sure.

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Thanks for the info!

Brienne is a must for competing heavily in the beginner level (like wu kong in intermediate). I wouldn’t bother with Gan Ju, Prisca, Kailani, Isshtak, Carver, friar tuck, or azar. The rest have some use case imo.

Do you think I should try to score a different Yellow as a backup for Bane (other than Gan Ju)?

Brienne, Gunnar, Balthazar.

Nashgar is a great red, and Bane punches hard for yellow. Do you intend to double, or go rainbow?

Also, are you leveling up your 2* troops to the next event? :wink:

do NOT level up 2* troops. total waste of food and troops. you’ll regret it when you get 3 and 4 star troops.

It’s for beginner event (where you cannot use 3* or 4* Troops). :wink:

Outside of Beginner events, I utterly agree with you.

No, using troops and food to level 2* troops, even for the beginner events, is a huge waste of food and troops. It will SEVERELY limit your ability to level your 3 or 4* troops when you get them since you cannot train troops from scratch like heroes.

at no point should you level your 2* troops if you at all want to take your 4* troops somewhere high in the future.

Also, most ppl who place top 20 don’t have leveled 2* troops. You don’t need them to win.

Fair enough. I have two 2* in every color, but only up to lvl 3-5 (which was achieved quickly). shrugs

I run 2 copies of Bane. Don’t think the other yellows are worth much.

The marginal cost of levelling 2* troops is quite low compared to that of 3* and 4* troops. I wouldn’t recommend it for most players, but if you’re looking to be really competitive in beginner then it wont set you that far back on your other troops.

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BTW, we should see Pirates next month, which is purple reflective. Then in March we’re likely to see Guardians again, yellow reflective. Pirates has no yellow heroes, so working on purple is a lower priority. Double Bane will be worthwhile, or Bane/Kailani for survival.


I should drop purple if that’s the reflective color and double yellow, correct? Maybe take notes the first time through and adjust accordingly?

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Kerridoc - thanks! That’s valuable info.

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