Help! Who to ascend?

I have Horghall, Elkanen, and Khadilen all at 3/70 and just got the last tonic i needed - who to asend - i already have Evelyn, Gregorian and Lianne at 4/80 for green

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Out of those three, I would go with Kadilen. In fact, I actually have all 3 of those heroes, and went with Kadilen :smiley:

She’s at 4.1 for me now but still used her at 3.70 and before frequently when raiding. Her special skill defense boost helps soak up damage from special skills, which are usually the enemies most threatening form of damage when raiding.


Go for Elkanen. He’s one of the most underrated heroes out there. He packs a wallop especially when emblemed and if paired with your maxed Eve, both at fast mana… Eve + Elkanen (with emblems) = 2-3 dying or dead heroes. Let Lianna and Greg finish those who remain on the chopping board. Include Buddy in your team and everything will be fabulous in the war field.


@Ultra I fully agree with you. Would give the same advice. Alkanen is versatile both in attack and defense. He would have been my choice.

Considering the three choices, I frankly thought the choice was rather obvious. Kadilen protects her team with special skill defense boost, which can be a lifesaver when you set off unprecedented combos that charge enemy skills. Elk’s skill only helps himself.

Can someone please tell me what the selling point of Elk is over Kadilen?

I went with Kadilen …

Good choice… for a defensive route. However, no defense is absolute in this game in the current meta. Kadilen’s offensive skill damage is barely noticeable that she poses no threat. Her Eclipse Shield giving her allies +74 defense against Special Skills for 3 turns is dispellable. The sad thing is, it can be dispelled by 3 star heroes like Tyrum and Belith, among others. Almost everyone knows and has either a healing or attacking dispeller, or both. Besides, a defensive hero is a boring hero since you rarely use them while raiding, specially true when you have a deep bench. But if you are strapped with heroes, you may use them always but will sooner be replaced by a better offensive hero. Just reminded myself of Kashhrek. I bring him almost everywhere but when time goes by and got better 4 and 5 star heroes, Kashhrek’s usage diminish every day. I don’t even bring him to war anymore.

A far better choice to waste tonics, etcetera was to Elkanen, as he deals huge damage to target and minor damage to target’s nearby, especially more so when cleric emblems are used on him boosting his attacks. In your current set up, again, Evelyn + Elkanen, both fast heroes, equates to 2 to 3 dead or dying enemy heroes as any remaining stragglers will be dealt by Lianna and/or Gregorion. But if you have Buddy, the better. Evelyn + Buddy + Elkanen totals to devastation to 3 heroes.

But at any rate, good luck with your Kadilen. She is a good hero to have, too.

Simple. Apart from those I mentioned above, Elkanen is a far better hero to use in attacking. Defensive heroes are passive as you just leave them alone in your raid or war defense and let them do their own thing without even seeing how things work in the defense. In wars, there have been several reports that the lone Elkanen survives in multiple defense wasting several war flags because of Field Aid and his Crescent Spear, healing him with a certain fraction of the damage dealt. I have yet to hear or read Kadilen doing the same. And I know you know this, when raiding, it is better to eliminate enemy heroes removing their threat than to anticipate the threat and work for it. If you killed 2-3 enemy heroes in a specific turn, your victory may already be assured.

But at any rate, if you see that Kadilen is better than Elkanen to waste tonics to, I respect your opinion. I just tried to offer a different insight from yours.


If you’re forced to bring 3*s or 4*s against a defense team with a 5*, then that hero has done their job imo. I’d see that as a point for Kadilen. It’s also why Santa is touted as a great tank, the opponent either brings Kiril to overwrite his debuffs or risk getting murdered by slash attacks. Mind you Kadilen doesn’t threaten like that, she’s more just a threat for letting her team survive longer which can make wings specifically harder to kill since they get hit by tiles less.

Mind you, with Evelyn any green hero is good so the choice here is hardly bad. But without her, Kadilen’s damage and Elkanens damage are both barely noteable imo, I agree Kadilen’s damage is bad but Elk’s isn’t really that much better. So while I agree that it is better to eliminate a threat rather to anticipate their damage, I doubt Elk is helping you in that regard. Most likely it’s gonna be Evelyn and Lianna for OP.

I do wish both of the elves were better. They need better attack stats :frowning:

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