HELP! Who do I use my precious Damascus blade for?

Friends! I FINALLY got a Damascus blade after what feels like an eternity.

I have Jean Francois, Delilah, Azlar, Elena Costume, Myztero, Khagan, Justice, and Domitia all waiting at 3/70.

Should I use the blade on one of the listed heroes above? Or hang onto it for a better option?

(Full team roster included!)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insight!!!

I think I would go vivica with the costume. I use mine all the time on titans and raids and events. Joon costume is also tempting… Also work on that boldtusk and sartana costumes ASAP!

Edit: didn’t see you had joon already maxed so yeah… That costume asap


Looking ar your roster I would level Russula and reserve the blade for her. Your Red heroes are pretty good, JF or cElena will be no real improvement for you. But S4 heroes are all very strong.
Dont level Vivica if you have Lady Woolerton! The sheep is a formidable fast healer and will keep your heroes longer alive than slow Vivica. If you can emblem her til +18 the clerical mana shield will protect her in one of three cases from the 2-turn mana generation block.
Go for Russula…


Once upon a time it would have been “Delilah, no contest”. But these days minion eaters make her into a short snack.

I’d say you don’t have an obvious clear-cut candidate at the moment. However I note, as another poster has already, that some of your costumes are unlevelled. The thing about costumes is that even if you don’t equip them they add a bonus to the hero’s stats and mana speed. But they must be maxed including skill level. (I expect you know this.) Besides, many of the most successful teams use costumed Joon, so he’s one who really benefits. By the time you’ve polished those off you may have another candidate for your blade… or another blade!


In my honest opinion, Costume Joon followed by Costume Sartana and then Costume Boldtusk is a must.
Don’t underestimate Boss Wolf and Costume Vivica.
But to answer your question - save the D.Blade for Russula.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck


I would save this damascus blade, I always save last set of AMs for the heroes I am 100% sure I want to ascend. What if you pull Alfrike during next Valhalla?

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Thanks for the help, everyone!!! I’ll keep working on those costumes and maybe hold onto the blade for Russula or until I pull a “no question about it” hero to use it on.

Happy gaming and good luck to you all!

@bub102x @Gimliv @Gorann @JGE @G.O.A.T


Costume Viv is that hero for me. I have a big old bench but if I got that then no question she’s going up.

A yellow general def down is gold dust for so many things and she’s nuts when she’s parked opposite you in Rush war too.

Good bench though, loads of options.

But for what it’s worth Russula isn’t that great


Damascus for Vivica, unless you get White Rabbit.
But priority is what @JGE said and others said, finish to optimal potential what we already give that mats, costume Joon, costume Sartana, and costume Boldtusk.

Goodluck :muscle:

Awesome. Thank you Jinbatsu!

Thanks Cheds! I appreciate the help!!!

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