Help which one to level: Freya - Jabberwock or Sargaso (no)

Hi guys,

Recently I got Freya, Captain Sargaso and Jabberwocky. Which one should I level first, Freya or Jabberwocky? I already have Ursena 4/80 will full emblems and Bosswolf at 3/70. I have all the necessary asmats for only one of them.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Jabber works in every situation


Would say jabber too, but if you got other minion spawners then Freya is a big time player. I got her maxed and run her on d and war d with telluria (freya-tell-hood-snow-king, war d same or zim-tell-JF-freya-hood, all heavy emblemed 18-19 except freya) for good results. In legendary event I ran a dark team loading freya 3 times at start with decent board and let her minions kill everyone, just need Proteus and Rigard to do the rest, very satisfying. I see a lot of potential and upcoming combos for Freya :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :dove: :dove: :dove:
PS: Got Sargasso for a year now, he is sitting patiently on the bench waiting for food, that poor guy deserves better, at least he is in front of Aeron for leveling in 2025 :rofl:


Yeah, I also have Telluria 3/70 and Delilah 3/70, that’s why I am in doubt which one to level first, because both Jabbe and Freya are very good ones, and I should only choose which one to prioritize.

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With these 2 i would go with freya, she is real fun on attack/events/everything and will torture the ones attacking your d till they wish they never chose you as a target while watching their heroes get beat up by minions while tell and deli heal everything they throw at you (in theory of course) :star_struck:

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I’m very surprised that Jabber isn’t on more elite teams that beast is a serious killer. What’s the counter? Asking for a friend.

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Grazul. Then he can’t poison

Queen of hearts of course or Black knight, they are counter for nearly everyone :smiley:


Possibly Malosi too? Technically then Jabberwock should be able to hit but not to cast the poison.

Anyway, I would ascend Jabberwock first as he’s really good and his special is unique.

Then Freya (I have her on my queue, although I think I’ll do Kageburado before her), with other minion casters I think she would be really interesting.

Last Sargasso… I have him 1/1, although I’m curious about him. I think his special could be quite interesting in war when there’s Field Aid… the problem are his statistics, a bit outdated compared to heroes nowadays. Also he’s a fighter, a class that has a lot of competition for the emblems

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Nope they are not. Even with taunt. You will got hit very hard by Jabberwock.
You will get the 2 times 300% damage instead of just 1 times 300%.
In BK if you got really lucky then it’s fine. If your 1 damage is not active. Instantly die. QOH still survive with minion taunt and the special skill reduce damage buff.

Ranvir on Wing.

20 characters.

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Freya is fun with other minion spawners, but preferably attacking ones… And maxed.

Telluria’s minions don’t hit that hard even with Freya’s boost and Delilah’s, whilst better, still don’t hit a huge amount.
With neither hero maxed (yet) they’re taking fairly low percentage attack from fairly low stats. Doubling that still isn’t going to really bite.

When you put the raven onto hero’s like Puss with much spicier minions, you’ll see what Freya is all about…


Do Jabber first.

My unemblemed QoH met him a few times and wasnt too impressed by his damage, didnt feel like 600%, not sure about that. but there is always a simple solution to any of these questions, Proteus :upside_down_face:

Told you with Her Minion (+200 HP) and also her 74% reduced special skill.
Jabber might just hit her around 600+
That’s count quite high tho.

And BK (without any luck from 1 damage) got hit like 900+ (not yet the poison and he already has like 900 Def status)
So I can assume Jabberwock hit quite hard and quite useful in all scenario.

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