Help: Where to get from here?


This is my roster and materials:

I have a basically working team, but I ran out of Heroes I feel fully comfortable with and Material (naturally).

  • My roster is weak on Yellow and Green. I really want to level Tully - but as you see the material - it will take a while (months?)
  • I have a bunch of yellow material - but the only yellow hero in hand that is somewhat relevant is Li Xiu - but fighting her, I’m not entirely impressed. I did my best to get Mist now - but got an army of 3* and that other couple of 4* S3 clowns, I’m really not sure about any of them.
  • I started to level JF - but It not working for me (played with 3/70 for a couple of weeks). He has poor synergy with my existing heroes.
  • I have no slow AOE… been wondering between Azlar and Colen (both sound valid, and did cause me some trouble)
  • I have 3 valid green: Melendor, Caedomn, and Gobbler (now relevant with all that minion hype) - who should I choose once I have enough shields?

Where would you go next if you were me? Assuming no new hero (or significant materials) appears in the next couple of months.

Thanks in advance!

Telluria is one of those rare hero’s that is worth having at 3.70…
(For reference, my others in that category are BK who is also tanky and reduces incoming damage; Delilah or Vivica, since there’s no holy 4* healers; and Miki/Tarlak since they’re better than maxed Wu).

Li Xiu is a very useful delaying tactic - timing matters somewhat, but she’s decent on defence if used correctly… I see why you’ve hesitated, but do it!

You’re kinda right about JF… He’s most useful in a deeper red 5* stack, and for raiding in diamond. Keep him, but level a different hero instead.

Colen and Azlar have their uses and they’re decent hero’s… Slow AoE isn’t necessarily a compulsory niche, but powered AoE certainly has its uses.

With Sonya and Sabina covering dispel there’s not quite the mad rush for Caed or Mel… Then again, you’ll never regret either of them.


Thanks for the detailed answer!

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