Help - What 5* should I level?

I have ascension materials to max one 5* in each colour. But I just can’t decide. I only have two maxed 5* right now - Tyr and Guardian Panther.

I would like to have heroes that are good in wars and Tournaments. It would be nice to have s good 5* defensive lineup too.

This is what I have:

Blue: Raffaele, Glenda, Thorne, Perseus
Green: Horghall, Elkanen(+costume), Lady of the Lake, Zocc
Red: Azlar, Anzogh
Yellow: Leonidas, Bai Yeong
Purple: Freya, Khiona, Toth-Amun, Quintus

What 5* would you go for, of you could only pick one of each colour?

Lady of the Lake
Anzogh, or just wait for something better
Bai, or wait to see if you get Leo costume
Freya (minions benefit from Panthers def down!)


Nice list of heros by the way. My thoughts are as follow:

Def - freya/lofl/Azlar/Glenda/BiaY

War teams have to be specific for each case. Whats your current stable like?


I’d do Bai Yeong and Lady of the Lake. For blues, it’s a toss-up between Glenda & Raffaele.

Bai Yeong’s pretty good. I don’t feel the same way about Leonidas.
Lady of the Lake will make challenge events much easier! Even aside from that, she’s the best green on your list.
Blues… Glenda is typically preferred and ranked best, but unless you use Anzogh, you’re short a healer. You also said you like tourney performance, and I imagine Raffaele being unstoppable in Very Fast wars.

I’d do Anzogh for reds. I don’t like Azlar. I have an uncommonly sour opinion of that one. I don’t think either of them match Tyr–You got a good one there.

For darks… Freya? If not Freya, Khiona. But Panther’s my favorite dark you have. I really like the Panther


These are the ones I’ve maxed:

Green: Almur, Kesh+Costume, Melandor+Costume
Yellow: Gullinbursti, Mist, Guardian Jackal
Blue: Kiril+costume, Grimm
Red: Boldtusk+costume, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur
Purple: Rigard+costume, Proteus

Is lotl and Freya a good combo?

My thoughts:

Glenda - Your other options are all not that great. At least Glenda is a 5* average speed cleanser plus other abilities.

Lady of the Lake - Her minions are top notch. Once you get them going, you are pretty much unstoppable.

Azlar - Anzogh isn’t that great. I fear Azlar more. Also, if you pump him full of emblems on the attack path, you can create quite the time bomb for an opponent. Great tile damage on titans.

Bai Yeong - Leo isn’t that good. You can hope for the costume, but it’s better to take what you have now rather than waiting for a low-chance pull.

Khiona - Purple attack boost for titans. Freya wouldn’t work as well there and titans are a lifeline for getting more AMs.


Thank you so much everyone!

You are shooting for an eventual rainbow defense, you already have red & purple. Lady of the lake should be your number 1 priority…she’s a game changer.

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Glenda (maybe Raff or wait)
Anzogh (or wait)
Bai (or wait)

I’d say definitely LotL and Freya but hold off on the others to see if you get anything better. Leveling 5* heroes in every color at the same time probably not ideal anyway.


This is exactly what I’d sugest also! Focus on those 2.

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But that’s what I always do. Sometimes I have a 3* or a 4* going at the same time, mopping up the 1* feeders which are kind of wasted on 5*. Off colour feeding is terribly resource heavy. I understand it’s what the serious players do when they have a brilliant hero they want to max ASAP, but for the general grind on-colour is the way to go.

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