Help what 5* are worth my mats

Hey there it’s been awhile.
I have a good bench of fours and threes by now so it’s time to level up and max the most important 5*
I simply need to know:
Red: Azlar, JF or Khagan
Yellow: Joon (Costume) or Malosi. Neith is already done.
Purple: Grimble, Clarissa, Domitia, Quintus (Costume) or Obakan
Blue: Vela, Thorne or Snow-white
And tell me why.
The 6th will be Kingston of course. But I also have Horghall (Costume)
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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In my opinion
JF or Azlar if you get the costume

Joon and then Malosi

Clarissa then dormitia

Wait to see if there are changes with vela but her over the others blues you have

Kingstone >>>>>>>> Horghall


I would go

Joon, proven workhorse and reliable damage + blind titans better than neith
Vela - cause thorne sucks and snow white is tricky to use
Kingston cause it’s kingston and you have no other options but he’s a good one to have

I’d hold off on purple and probly red as well

Oh just leveling up…i thought you were asking which to max.

Ok well all but khagan, azlar, thorne, horghall, grimble, snow white, quintus


In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following:
Red - Jean-Francois
Yellow - both Joon and Malosi
Purple - Clarissa
Blue - wait until v.30 is released in June
Green - yes Kingston
Good luck


It depends on your roster and how many materials you have, but I’d say:

Red: JF, yes. Azlar, maybe. Khagan, no, at least for now.

Yellow: Joon and Malosi, definitely. Which one is a priority depends on if you need flat damage or Malosi’s utility more. Also, if you don’t have a yellow mana troop then Malosi won’t feel so strong, needing 7 tiles.

Purple: Clarissa, yes. Domitia, probably. Costume Quintus, probably. Grimble and Obakan, maybe.

Blue: Vela, yes, but wait to see how she is rebalanced first. I think I’d still likely prioritize her over the others, but maybe some Snow White owners will have different thoughts on her. She seems too slow for this meta, especially as the weak color to the dominant tanks.


I’d say JF, Joon, Clarissa, and Vela. But for all of those, it may be a good idea to wait until beta comes out with its rebalancing. It may include a nerf for Vela and buffs for JF, Neith, and maybe Clarissa. I’m doubting on Clarissa, though.

I maxed JF myself. I like him. I have Azlar, and he’s pretty bad. I hear Khagan’s not so good either. But JF? It took me a while to decide, but I went ahead & maxed him over Azlar and Grazul. (Couldn’t say he’s better than Grazul, and I think I’d rate them about the same.) And again, he’s one of the few that many people on the forums have been requesting a buff for. More heroes get buffs than nerfs. I’d say there’s fairly good odds he’s getting one.

Joon, especially with his costume, is one I drool over and hope to get one day. He’s one of the best, in my opinion. You’ll have a sniper in Kingston, but but two can’t hurt. However, with Neith’s current performance and the number of people requesting her buff, I will be very surprised if she (more so than JF) does not get a buff. For sake of thoroughness, I’d wait on this one too. She might become the next Gravemaker for all I know, who was also buffed post-release. Unlikely she’d reach that bar, but saying yes or no is unimportant speculation right now.

Purple–Clarissa. She’s a good one. Grimble never should’ve left the petting zoo, Quintus & Obakan aren’t any better, and I’ve never thought highly of Domitia. But I do like Clarissa.

Blue–Vela’s performance is very good. I underestimated her greatly on her release. Now everyone at the top is using her. (GRANTED: A lot of that is because they also have Telluria as a green tank, and her anti-red abilities make Telly/Vela a devastating combo. You don’t have Telly so she won’t be that earth-shattering, but still, she is awesome.) I have a high opinion of her. I’m not familiar with how well Snow White performs. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen her skill activate. She is, indeed, a rare one. For Thorne, see my previous statement on Grimble, Obakan, and Quintus.


@Rigs you got that right. I asked which to max :slight_smile: I didn’t start leveling them yet. I don’t want to waste food. Only to the ones that are going to be maxed.

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Key factors:
-Wait the patch notes. Because we dont know how much thing will change. Obakan, Quintus, Khagan are heroes you never want to max as of today standards. Will they get good enough to compete for the 6 tabards vs Clarissa?. I doubt it but they may get good enough that they end up being a perfect match for your team.
-Azlar’s costume looks fairly interesting, I have a JF maxed myself and really like him. But I cant say that I wouldnt find myself wanting to use a C. Azlar tbh.

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A bit of information on azlar:
Awesome in very fast tournaments. Surely worth to give it a second thought although JF surely is better in pvp.

A bit of information on khagan:
I use him in legendary events. It is very very very much cheaper to charge khagan with mana potions (he is the only hero in the game that hits 3 targets on 320% damage) than using axed, bombs and all the super expensive Materials

Its just as information, because events can be expensive on Materials.
(I play mostly boldtusk, khagan, falcon, wilbur, azlar)

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Not Snow White? Her card seems really really good…pair her with a Wilbur and it’s lights out for the enemy, no? Does she not work well in practice?

All good advice in this thread, but I would recommend waiting to see what changes are proposed in beta for the balance adjustment coming in early June. This could influence the decision to max a hero versus another.

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Teammate has her. I don’t have her. But according to his feedback with her she’s awkward to use cause of her mana speed, someone you gotta let the enemies fire before you fire her which at slow mana could be awhile and when building up 5s early on, versatility & titans are better than niche or hard to use 5s in my opinion


In Quantum World nobody can be certain.

I would advocate for Vela, but she seems to be the second most probable target for nerf bat. So wait. Drafts of balance changes should be up soon. For purple I think you can go with Clarissa since she received several nerfs before being released. Joon for Yellow. Kingston for green. Horghall is just bad. For red I would go with JF but Azlar’s alt seems interesting and Khagan is meh.

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Echoing the words of many.


… at least to 3/70. Then see where all this nerf BS is before you use the mats.

Those are some solid damage causing heroes… who do you have for healing and cleanse?


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