HELP! War victory difficulties

Could somebody help me understand how the new war equalizer works? We went from winning 75-80% to losing 100% against teams much less advanced, and losing by A LOT! Maybe we can figure out where to fix our issues if we know what our problem is?

War Equalizer is a new war rule.

Note also that this war rule has NOT been seen in live game yet… I expect on Mid-Week war we will see either the new Rush Attack rule or War Equalizer rule.

When we do get it in game, we’ll have it’s own discussion thread.

From the #beta-beat thread (linked to the announcement):

As for “figure out where to fix our issues if we know what our problem is?” not really sure how we can help without any informations…

Things to consider:

  • Do you use a war attack &/ or war defence strategy? Maybe it’s worth reviewing these?

  • Do your alliance members coordinate well with each other? Or do they just use flags whenever/ however?

  • Do your alliance members know the value of clean-up flags? Do they know / have a good understanding of how many flags they SHOULD be using in one-shot attempts vs. cleanups?

  • Does your alliance have a means of communication outside the game? Like Line, Discord, Messenger, Whatsapp etc…

  • Do your alliance members double/ triple tap the same enemy?

  • etc…

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