Help wanted

Hi I’m not English so sorry for the mistakes :slight_smile:

I like to play the Alliance wars/titans and raids.
I have the folowing team standing:
Rigard 4/70
Viviva 3/70
alassi 4/80
skitttle skull (? in Dutch he is called kaatskop) 4/70
Gormek 4/70

The problem start when I receive a pair of Gloves
I can raise 6 hero´s to the next level
Aegir to 3/1 or Wu kong, Borill, skittle skull (2), Colen or Rigard (2) to 4.1

I am in favor of Wu kong for the Titans, but Aegir or Colen for the wars…

Please Advise and do explain why ?
(other info I have about 10 teams 4* / 5* so I can match every time a Rainbow team or a stacked color)


I would go wu kong

Focusing on 4* and titans first will overall benefit you the most at your stage in the game. Titans are the #1 source of ascension mats and 4* help out the most with titans(and every other aspect of the game for quite awhile).

Plus color stacking and special skill stacking are two of the biggest strategies you can use in this game to accomplish things that would normally be out of reach, with that being said you can max 2 4* at the cost of maxing 1 5*. Better to have quantity and variety first then start pinpoint which 5* will be the best additions to help further improve your game.

I have 12 maxed 5* with enough mats to max 5 more. But they haven’t even come close to helping me as much as my 4* have.

4* heros the reliable vehicles that get you from point A to point B

5* are the luxury sports cars that are fun to take out when you can, but get half the use of your daily driver and costs at least twice as much to get the full potential out of(or to even get at all)


I’m with @Rigs on taking Wu to max. His misses can be annoying but average Titan hits should increase nonetheless. And, he’ll help you hit above your weight class on raids/AW.

Colen can also help you with attacking green Titans due to his high attack stat. Especially combined with Gormek’s special in effect. Unless you get a better hero in the interim, he’d be my next choice to max out.


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