Help w nature hero levelling order: Hatter, Kad, Kash, LJ, Skitlz, 3*'s

Seems the only time I get a quality draw it’s a nature hero and I’m not too keen on any of them :sweat:
My current plan is to finish a Berden then take Kashhrek to 3.60 then tackle the other 3* before picking a superhero to go all in on (and hopefully it is someone new :wink:)

So Berden>Kash>Brienne>Belith>(insert 4/5*)

Do you agree with this order? Are any of these 4/5* worth the levelling effort and mats or should I just wait for a better option?

Have you been playing long?? Because id have all those 5 at the top! Are you leveling you 3* to do events? Id start on Kadilin, Kash then flip a coin, keep going with Rigard

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Not long, started Jan. I have two maxed 3* rainbow teams + partially levelled Wu Kong and Rigard.

Thanks for the Kadilen vote! I’d def prefer to build up a 5* asap just wasn’t sure these were any good so was going to build more 3’s for late war flags and blue titans

Gratz on getting some 5* so early in your game play. Recommend you continue with your 3*, start lvling 4* when you pull some them.

Here’s a reference for the number of feeders to max 5* vs 4*. If you started on your 5* now, it’ll take three times as long as lvling 4* not to mention the ascension materials you’ll need.

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Go for Kash first as still awesome platin tank or supporting flank, then Hattie or Kad, depending on your needs.

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