Help understanding hero's, setups, defense/offense, etc....still fairly new to this

So I’m new to this and it was suggested that I create a board asking for help. I started playing December 2018 and spent the whole time farming and building up iron/ food storage/ stronghold, etc. Basically I don’t understand the jargon or how to set up my hero’s on defensive or offensive effectively. I experiment and either get lucky, but honestly it’s the latter.

I have read through numerous post here, but was now hoping someone could help give me some pointers. I probably have to many hero’s, or I’m not leveling the right ones. Any help at all would be appreciated. I apologize if I posted this incorrectly.

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Hard to get an overview, would be nice to see them all separated by color.

But on my quick view you have 21 great maxed 5* and only 13 maxed 4*.
Now it’s quite late to increase your 4* depth, with so many 5* already at 3-70

But I would strictly recommend doing almur, g. Jackal and proteus, gretel, Kiril
Finish those 4-xx 4*
Use those 3* ascension materials not on 5* you’ll never get to last ascension, spend them on your 4*

I play quite as long as you and I have 19 maxed 5*, close to 40 maxed 4* and >30 maxed 3*. I have no problem with any event, have superior Titan Scores and can field a 3-stack in the strong color 4 times every war. I usually leave roundabout 5 of my maxed 5* stars while war at home.


Should I redo the pictures by color then is that the best way to post them here? So,I should work on my 4* then? Because honestly everytime i go into wars or raid anything I can’t set up my teams right because I just don’t understand how they work together and how they should sit.
My current war defense is


Regarding 5* advice:
Purple: Freya or Clarissa
Yellow: ranvir
Blue: Finley
Green: Kingston
Red: black knight or grazul (best against telluria)

Positioning in offense is not so important, only if your heroes have effects on nereby heroes.
And the heroes in the corners will not be hitten as much by attacks hitting one and nereby.

In your war Defense I would swap vela and Sif, vela and GM are perfect in current meta when they flank telluria.

In offense you should try 3-2 color stacking. Do you know this concept? And the heroes you chose should encounter your opponent’s special skills

No, I honestly don’t know any of this. I’ve been trying to read the boards but on my own doesn’t make much sense. I was confused on Sif I thought to fire first she needed to be closer on the left. Although I also assumed she needed to be in between 2 hero’s rather than on the wing. I’m clueless that’s why I the help. Thank you

There’s plenty to learn, but just stick around and read lots of topics and you’ll pick up all kinds of useful hints!

I definitely agree with @Sh3r1ff above - there’s some really great 4* heroes waiting to be worked on…
Elemental debuffers like Jackal, Falcon and Almur will massively increase your titan scores (you should be running mono or 4-1 favouring the strong colour against titans) - you’ll have seen this with Panther and KA/Frida already, but the same goes for 4* elemental debuffers like Jackal, Almur and Falcon.

Whilst we’re talking key 4* heroes - Proteus wants doing ASAP.

You’ve got a great 5* bench built and you’ve made great choices generally - you’ve got two of the best cards in the game sat at 3.70 though and those will want maxing when possible… I’m talking about BK and Finley especially here.


The only other comment is… You’ve got plenty of duplicates you’ll never want to max.
Some heroes you won’t need or want to max duplicates of and it’s fine to feed the duplicates away.


Ah, paradox, sif in the corner. I would swap in Poseidon instead of sif.

3-2 color stacking.
I usually use 3 heroes of the strong color against the tank. 3 reds against telluria and two in another color usually purple.
Purple because of rigard, this is another one that must be maxed, with emblems he becomes a 5* star.

With stacking 3 against the tank, you usually take him out with 6 tiles of the strong color, YES the damage of your red tiles increases enormously. When the tank is gone you can remove tiles from the colors you do not have heroes in the setup to fight.

And with encountering the opponent rigard e.g. is key for me against GTV (gravemaker-telluria-vela) because of his cleansing (dispel status ailments From allies) nullifying gravemakers and velas DoT And tellurias mana down.

Edited twice, sorry if irritating.


Such great roster ! I would recommend you to level some 4☆ that are key and may be useful for titan and in war/raids.


Boldtusk with costume. (You should try for him at costume chamber. Hes so useful. A red healer with a 5☆ body who will keep your team alive and give an interesting attack boost.
Finish the second Wilbur. Though one is enough to me.

Green def down. Same as G.falcon
Brynhild. Green fast speed healer which brings a nice mana boost.
Hansel. Mana control. So useful. One of the best 4☆ green around.

G. Jackal . Same as falcon. G.Jackal is so good with other yellows on attack.
Hes slow. Even though has a huge value healing, giving a hp boost to all and a small AOE
Another good yellow from Valhalla. She will delay mana from enemies and reduce their def against special.
Joon plus mist plus Jackal is GG


Proteus. The star of every event and hard quest. He absolutely stop the enemy. (They cant gain mana)

When you attack you have to identify the colour of the enemy tank.
Answer this. Is blue? So i should bring at least three green against him. Once one takes the tank down one can ghost tiles throw the empty space. This will charge your heroes faster.

Then you have to see if the enemy has buffers. If so you may bring a dispeler to clean the boost. Like sonya, seshat, domitia, caedmon, Melendor…

If the enemy has heroes that inflicts you status aliment you need to bring with you a cleanser like Rigard.

Its important to bring healers to the battle as they keep your team alive and working.

Double colours against the tank. A good formula is three strong colours and two other colours that can be the same or not. When you double colours the tile damage increase so you make more damage


Here’s a link to some positioning guides that may help you (they really helped me).


Finley and BK are my newest and I’ve been waiting impatiently lol for the accession materials, but I will definitely focus on the 4* for now at this point.

My defense setup every day changes due to experimentation…it’s laughable how bad I get it wrong. I didn’t realize some hero’s actually compliment others and some hurt them?? Is that correct??

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I seriously did not know that! That is so helpful, so basically rigard is golden to have especially if you use 3 of the same colors in the center to attack their stronger opponents such as GM-Tell-Vela. That is a huge help thank you so much!!

No worries on the editing, it’s taking me forever to read through and make sure I understand. I have a war coming up and I’m hoping I don’t go under right away with my defense and offense both.

Some work better together than others… Some overwrite each others specials, some specials conflict a bit.

Honestly, defence isn’t really that important for the most part.


Your war defence isn’t terrible, but you’ve got three there that really want to be flanks, though (GM, Vela and Sif).

Looking at what else you have available in those colours that’s better suited to going on the wing - Joon (preferably his costume version) goes very well there, Finley when he’s maxed is brilliant at wing (left).

So you could switch up to:
Seshat - GM - Telluria - Vela - cJoon.

Another option is to put Mother North in at left wing and drop Telluria… Maybe using Guinevere as your tank… A more classic but still difficult defence unless you have the counters - something like:
Mother North - GM - Guinevere - Vela - Seshat

Either of these will do well - depends if your alliance wants a specific tank colour or just the best defence you can put up.

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Oh my gosh this is great! Making a little more sense and I don’t mean to sound absolutely stupid with this next question, but is there a way to better understand the buffers, dispeler, status ailments? Thank you for your help.

Buffs = stat boosts or positive effects on own team (eg heal over time, spirit link).

Debuffs = stat drops on enemies

Status ailments = negative effects (damage over time, debuffs etc).

Dispel = clear buffs on enemies

Cleanse = dispell status ailments on own heroes

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My alliance is not extremely active or competitive so I think for me I want to see different ways to set up teams that are not always the same.

You know branch out from telluria once in a while especially once BK and Finley are maxed fingers crossed. I understand they are really good. Thank you for some of those pointers.

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Thank you thank you thank you!!

This is great information thank you :blush:

Let me try to help you.

Those heroes who boost a stat or add a kind of effect on itself or the allys.

Attack boost. Increase the attack.
Boldtusk, Kiril, C.Rigard, Tarlak, Miki


Is like attack boost but its not a limited amount. Lets say 40%. You see the stat increase by every hit you receive.

Brienne, Khiona.

Def up / def elemental up

Increase the defensive stat

Kiril, Jean Francois, Guinerve, Dormitia.


Returns part of the damage inflicted

Elena, Sif, Boril. Ursena(return all damage and status from yellow)


All special skills are aimed to the hero with taunt.

Black knight, Queen of hearts, Shrrubear

Mana boost.

Increase the mana generation

Brynhild, Khagan…

Status aliment

Are effects that are inflicted and are negative. They can be cleansed by c.rigard, rigard,c.sonya,c.caedmon, kunchen, vivica, ariel, raffael

Slow down mana generation
Mist, Little john, telluria.

Block mana generation

Proteus , Hel

Mindless attack
Zocc , Merlin.

Hansel and Gretel does something similar but the hero hits itself and lost 50% of mana.

Def down / Elemental def down

Reduces the defense of the enemy. Can stack def down and elemental defense down for more damage

Frida, phanter, Grimm, Tiburtus, falcon, Jackal, almur

Attack down

Reduces enemy attack.

Scarlet, Vela, Richard

Hope it helps you. Sorry if i miss something but is an extensive topic


Makes sense :slight_smile:

There are several different ways to set up a war defence…

You can make it horrible to kill and many players will struggle against these defences because they’re not the norm anymore, but players who know their tactics will be able to beat these defences without too much trouble… This used to be fairly popular, but it’s rarely done now and difficult to get right.

You can make it extremely aggressive (eg: Ursena tank, attacking flanks and resurrection wing like Mother North or Alberich) which will punch holes in attackers who don’t get the tiles they need early on.

Or you can go for a mix - a tough center that stalls attackers (eh: Telluria, Guinevere, Kunchen, BK) with enough attack power around it to knock over attackers… This is the most common and effective right now.


Common mistakes include doubling up colours carelessly - it can work, but it should be done for a reason, not just to shoehorn heroes in because they’re individually strong… And being too passive.

A defence still needs to kill the attacker to be successful - it’s very difficult to win by timeout and slash damage will only do so much.

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