Help to restore the game


Hello! Help return the progress of the game, the character 27lvl. Nick Ugin , the game is installed on the phone,but game center account on it when I created it was to fly a sign asking you to select my character LVL 27 or a new character LVL 1. Today randomly picked LVL 1 and all!! Now offers them to play only!Nick in game center Ugin892
Please help to return half a year game!


Please read carefully…toward the bottom, there is a link to click if you are still having issues.


The game was not saved on game center. is it possible to do something chtt to restore the game?


I would suggest contacting game Support (the link at the bottom); if there is a way to get it back, they will do so.

Good luck!


I just don’t understand English and translate everything through a translator!) can’t find the link! NP could you send me?


Try this one:

Попробуй это:


thank you very much!)