Help to kill ursula

Hi all. I tried 27/10 7/8 times with different teams but I can’t beat Ursula. I’m attaching my heroes, any help will be great

Thanks in advance

this is the team i beat her in hard mode, seeing your roster I think you will figure this out


Try: Wu Kong + 4 x red heroes (BT x2 + Azlar + Gormek or Wilbur)
or: Wu Kong + 4 x blue heroes (Isarnia + Richard + Magni + Kiril) - instead of Richard or Magni you can use BT as a second healer

focus on weak point, use Wu Kong only after purple skull

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Thanks both. Finally I beat Ursula with Sabina, Proteus, joon, Leonidas & Wu. I used tornados, time stops & super mana. Thanks again

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