Help to choose hero for leveling Horghall or 3rd lianna

My curent team

Don’t bother with Horghall or 3rd Lianna for now, max Brynhild and Caedmon. Great heroes to have on max. You already have 2 Liannas on max, you can wait for some other 5* green to have better variation of heroes and Horghall isn’t the greatest hero, mine still sitting at 3/70 after 3 years of playing. If you are F2P then 3rd Lianna could be an option in the future, but having a variation of different heroes and 4* heroes is also important and they need only 3* materials to max.

I’m guessing these are your only green options so definitely Brynhild and Caedmon, probably Caedmon first. Brynhild could replace Gadeirus and Caedmon might replace Jack in your main green mono team, if you use mono.


Completely agree. Level up your 4* for now and wait out for a new hero to use your ascension items.

Keep ur tonic, once it gone u never get it back.

Horghall is bad meanwhile 3rd lianna is a waste

I like Jack. He is cool.

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