Help to choose best def team

Hi everyone,
I’ve got more emblems but I have no food right now so i write how my team could be after I add them emb.

Now best in my team are:

C-Lianna +12 (could be +14)
Thoth amun+13 CB +14
Onatel +11 cb+13
Marjana +11 cb+13
Azlar +10 cb+16
Jabberwocky +9 cb+16
C-Boldtusk +20
C-Boril +13 cb+20
Miki 4/80
Grazul 4/80
Zeline 4/80
Magni 4/80
Joon 4/80
Second C-Lianna 3/7
Thorne 3/7
Domitia 3/7
Isarnia 2/6.

First question is a tank. I tried a lot of options but always after few days was a huge ---- on def. Now its possible to try Jabber as a tank, is it good options for this team? I’m open to delete emb from boldtusk and give it for magni for example. I saw Onatel sometimes on offensive raids.

Thx for ur advice.

I’d go with Jabberwock-Boldtusk-Onatel-Lianna-Marjana or Marjana-Lianna-Onatel-Magni-Jabberwock.

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Tank : Onatel, so we have

C. Lianna - Jabber - Onatel - Thoth - Marjana

Onatel will attract at least 3 purples, so we have 2 purple heroes to gain color advantage (purple tile dam will be reduced to 1/2)

Corner : area for sniper, esp Rogue Sniper

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Thank u both. Which Lianna will be better? With costume or standard?

Standard with costume (in the middle), 512% not 482%

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