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I have a defined team with…from Left to Right…Frida Zimkitha Kunchen Poseidon Seshat…also I have Morgana Le Fay Miki Joon all promoted and talented … then others promoted without talents, Malosi, Lianna, Kaghan, Evelin, Sargasso, Atomos,Quintus, Thorne, and others without promotion Captain Kestrel, Justicia, Domitia, Elkanen, Isarnia, Obakan, Elena and Leonidas. My question, Telluria has arrived at 3/70 for lack of the Tonic of the Path of Valor, but it carries the emblems of Frida, hence my dilemma, remove the emblems to Frida … and who do I put in Frida’s place? And Blue … or not !!
I put images

Oh, that’s a tough one. You have an amazing roster but really not many suitable blues for defense. Is Miki slow or very slow? If he is just slow, maybe him? Though I think he is not the best for defense. But at least has emblems. But as long as Telluria isn’t going to be nerfed, you also shouldn’t be worried about dropping below diamond with an unemblemed Frida in the wing. It might not even make a huge difference.

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In exchange for who?

Miki is slow; while he’s good, some of what makes him good is his blue elemental link. If he’s your only blue in the lineup, he’s not going to help in that regard. (He is great against red titans, though.)

If @Saputamaredecristo were going to go with a slow blue, I’d say Isarnia is a better bet. I would not recommend that, though, as the tank spot seems to be going to Telluria which would mean Isarnia is at best a flank and likely in her least-good position of wing.

Thorne is not a good wing, either, nor is Frida, but at least Frida has the enemy de-buff so putting her on the left wing makes some sense.

I am going to suggest Frida - Zimkitha - Telluria - Seshat - Poseidon

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Yes. That’s also the line up, I’d suggest. Maybe switch Poseidon and Seshat. Not sure. I think both are best at flank position. For a person who really likes Mana control, I find it much more annoying when Poseidon goes off. And for those who have Telluria will probably also take her against Telly tanks, so Poseidon could help to disarm her.

But I have no emblems for Frida since she and Telluria are Paladin class

If you wanna stay rainbow, I think it’s still your best option. Having Frida in wing might even not make a significant difference if she is unemblemed since she is well protected there.

Another option would be Morgan Le Fay. She is a great wing hero. But having 2 heroes of your tank color in defense is also not optimal.

Poseidon, Zimkitha, Telluria, Miki, Seshat ?
Poseidon Zimkhita, Telluria, Kunchen, Seshat ?
Posridon Zimkhita, Telluria, Onatel, Seshat ?

Yeah, those darn emblems. But you can acquire new emblems. There are two trials in May (like most every month) where you can earn emblems, 5/17 and 5/31.

I’ve never reset emblems because (a) you don’t get the food & iron back (and I still use those heroes in war), (b) you forfeit some of your emblems in the process (if you use gems), and © while we don’t acquire them at the speed we’d like, they trickle in a regular pace. Long story short, I am probably the wrong person to give advice about resetting emblems.

For what it’s worth, Telluria is pretty tough without any emblems, too.

Zim Frida ontel she mlf

Nice rosta that’s what I’d try out

Sorry…what is Nice Rosta and MLF ?

Ha !! Oks Morgana le Fay

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