Help suggestions needed for raid, map, titan, and war

any comments or help would be appreciated

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1# don’t level 1 and 2 star heroes but use your efforts to raise 3 and 4 star heroes first.
2# progressing in the map isn’t rewarding when it comes to loot: once you reach province 8, stage 7 you can stay there to collect resources and empower your heroes.

you should level a rainbow team as far as you can. Try to have at least a healer, a dispeller and a cleanser. You could safely level tp 3.60 (ascension 3, level 60) Li Xiu, Rigard and Peters with other heroes as Ulmer and Jahangir (to 3.50) to form your defense in this formation:

Peters - Ulmer - Li Xiu - Rigard - Jahangir

Having Area of Effect (AoE) hitters helps, like having heroes who lower defenses and raise your attack.

You should work first to have a 1:30 fight, trying to not make your heroes die:
bring as many healers you need, a hero who decrease titan’s defense and another who increase your attack. You’ll deal more damage with your tiles so try to bring more heroes of the strong color against the titan and try to hit his weak spot to have increased damage and making him not attack after your move.

You should work to have a strong defending team first and then hoard 30 heroes to perform 6 attacks. If your heroes are still weak then bring many heroes of the same element to raise your damage of said color (better if against enemy’s the central hero) and strategize with your alliance mates to select your targets.


Thank you for the advice kinda lost on what a good team would be right now Im using sabina, li xiu, boomer, Peter’s, and hawkmoon…

You are doing it right for now :slight_smile:

Id avoid leveling two purple heroes (Sabina and Boomer) right off the bat and Id focus first on leveling 5 heroes of different element at once as heroes who are feeded by same color heroes have +20% exp bonus and double chance to level up the special skill compared to other color heroes.

Great advice above. Work on Sabina first, she’s much more effective than Boomer. If fortune favors you, you will never level up Boomer—he’s not really very good compared to other purple 4*.

Also you should focus on leveling one hero at a time. Get them as leveled as you can and then level a different hero.

I got Grimm today… any good?

Yep! He’s great. Lowers defense and has a high attack power. One of the best 4* heroes.

What should I use for my attacking raid team?

Btw appreciate all the feedback :grin:

Grimm is great! You can level him before Ulmer and place him in his spot :slight_smile:


As has been said, Grimm is a long-term keeper. Wharflord won the Epic tier of the challenge event yesterday; on some levels, his team was Kiril | Grimm | Grimm | Grimm | Triton. You can never have too many Grimms!


here my roster now

Any advice? on who to work on and keep?

Ah, you’ve gotten some nice additions.

Don’t spread around your training. Choose one hero per color and push that up, using matched-color training, as far as you have mats for. Two half-done heroes is not a substitute for one good one.

Also, you really need some decent heroes, fast. I think you should get some 3* built so that you can get decent stuff while you work on your better heroes.

I would focus here:

  • Purple: Balthazar, the Rigard, then Tibertus. Balthazar is a very good striker,
  • yellow: Bane, then Li Xiu
  • blue: Grimm
  • green: Little John
  • red: Boldtusk then Gormek, then Scarlett

I think this strategy will set you up well for advancement.


I’ve gotten a few more additions too trying to get 5*

This is my usual team

There is no focus. You seem to see a hero, toss it a few feeders, then wander on.

Aegir is a 5*, but that will not make him more useful than several of the 4s you seem to be ignoring. You have lots of great building blocks, but no cement or plan.


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