Help setup for raids and who to upgrade

So currently just got my first 5* hero (am not counting horghall cause I have LJ, he hits harder, plus can’t get him to 5* as yet, plus everyone says he sucks) Been over 3-4 months hunting 4-5* using gems and hero tokens and only landing 3* to my luck most of whom I have. I seemed to have hit the jackpot though in the last two weeks which is fantastic. Just upgrading my TC to 19, I know 20 is where you get 4-5 stars. Been taking my time. Got joon from the current event tokens(thought was a 4* till I googled him and saw he was a 5*) then was extremely happy. Was like let me use gems, pulled guardian jackal!!! Then melendor!!! Then hero token melendor again! When it rains it pours right?

Was looking for purple 4* heroes tried with gems many a time, no such luck. Finally last try a week or two ago I got tiburtus whom I maxed in 1 weekish (excluding the upgrades) and sabina who I’ve been reading is fairly useless. Was hoping for Rigard cause I had his costume no such luck. Any mods reading with the new upgrade to costumes send me a rigard!!!

Just wanted help with setups for raids and who to upgrade. Currently going with guardian jackal cause he’s very fast might wait for joon or am I wrong? If I max him where would you place him or joon?

My current setup is: (fairly good)

Tank: boldtusk (maxed at 9)
Left flank: tiburtus
Right flank: sonya (maxed at 11)
Far left: Wu Kong (pulled him like few weeks after TC13 upgrade was so happy, till I realized couldn’t upgrade him had used my mats on li xiu 1 week previously so had to wait months)
Far right: little john (maxed at 9)

Previous setup: (pretty good too)
Tank: boldtusk
Left flank: sonya
Right flank: li xiu (maxed at 7, stopped upgrading when I pulled wu kong)
Far left: Wu Kong
Far right: little John

My 3* team is fairly strong also:
Tank: gil ra (fully maxed at 20)
Left flank: brienne (Maxed at 17)
Right flank (kailani maxed 15)
Far left: ulmer (maxed at 19)
Far right: bauchan (sometimes put him as tank can’t upgrade him, saving my monk tokens for 4/5*)

  1. Any advice on setups for raids events and what not?
  2. who should I upgrade first between guardian jackal and joon?
  3. since I have joon, guardian jackal, wu kong, 2 li xiu, would that make an excellent defense team if I was to ever upgrade all of them since mats are hard to come by? What would the set up be? Joon centre, flanked by li xiu’s with wu and guardian at the end?

Let me know your thoughts. I have most 3* I think. More or less… haven’t posted them here.

Any help would be appreciated. Also not part of a team. Just been soloing it!

I would level Jackal before Joon every day of the week and twice on Sundays (Ok, maybe not quite that much). But my rationale is this: You are not at the point in your development where you have a ton of ascension materials and Joon is your first real 5*. You will want to build out your depth of 4* before moving on to 5* a bit more. Joon is a good 5*, no doubt, but Jackal is one of the best yellows in the game. His elemental debuff is second to none and attack stat is absurdly high. It will also cost you quite a bit less to get him maxed. Jackal is a bit of a glass cannon though, so I would not put him in your defense. He really is an offensive only kind of hero.

As for you defense, I would suggest taking Wu out. That is not really where he belongs. His main use is on Titans and challenge events or attacking if you need the extra boost. Li is actually a pretty good defender at your level, so I would roll with her. Something like Sonya - LJ - BT - Li - Tibs (might want to play with the order a bit or someone else can make an adjustment).

As for reading that Sabina is useless, I am not sure where you got that information. Sabina is actually quite good. Her attack stat is actually higher than Rigard. The biggest knock against her is that Mel and Sonya also dispel enemies, and Rigard is the only ally cleanse. She was my first purple 4* and I had her in every lineup for a LONG time.

Your third question about an all yellow team: a mono defense team is NEVER a good team. They are way too easy to stack against. You will almost always want to have a rainbow defense team (one of each color). Some exceptions will apply here and there, but you would never want more than 2 of any color in a defense.

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@Seef824 Awesome response. Thank you so much. :smiley:

I have already started with jackal. So he and wu is more of an attacker! Quite right I had read that before completely forgot it. :smile: my attacks with wu has been phenomenal. Defense has been just ok. Hence the reason I posted to get ideas and analysis from you all.

Was thinking should I remove LJ and add melendor at the end? Like BT, Sonya, tibs, li and mel, for a good defense team? Or maybe bt, Sonya, tibs, sabina and li/lj

I read elsewhere that she gets killed quite easily and something about firing her special, was a few weeks ago. They said rigs was better due to him lasting longer among other things.

So mono teams are never good. But in attacks they are great? Cause I see most of the top players in events are mostly mono! Current teltoc event going on most of the top players have Red. Awesome.

Thanks for your help!

You could possibly put mel in there when he is maxed. I am not a big fan of two healers in a defense lineup, but there are definitely worse things you could do.

Sabina is a little weaker on defense compared to rigard, but I do not think it is THAT noticeable. The way this game goes, you are always better leveling what you have compared to waiting for something else. There will be times where you have too many options and you have to decide who to ascend and who not to yet, but if you dont have other heros to work on, then you should 100% work on what you have.

Mono teams can be good in attack. They can not work also. In any challenge event you will see all the top attackers use mono teams or maybe 3-2 stacks. One thing you have to realize with those teams though, is that they will often replay every single level 10-20+ times until they get a good board to get a high score. The risk when attacking with a mono team is that you just dont get enough tiles to do any damage. My preference is a 3-2 stack usually when raiding. Sometimes in war I will mono attack also.

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Max jackal!
Sabaina is a good hand always going to need healers for war teams like with Mel! Also skittles ain’t to bad as be handy to complete quests as sorcerer are rare!
Try tibs Sonya Bt lu lj

@Seef824 [quote=“Seef824, post:4, topic:150654”]
I am not a big fan of two healers in a defense lineup, but there are definitely worse things you could do.

I have seen mixed reviews about this in other places, hence the reason I wanna know everyone’s thoughts. I would love to get reflectors. But no such luck till now! Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I completely agree with you upgrading what you can rather than waiting. Since I had LJ and his special is way better than skittleskull I decided to upgrade horghall. Haven’t fully maxed him but gotten 4*60. Just never used him. Will be doing Skits next. Actually been upgrading him and sabina every now and then slowly. But currently all I have is going into jackal! Trying to get him maxed! And I have plenty of his dagger things. :smile:

So that’s how mono teams do it. I always wondered. I was like how would that even work? With rainbow teams it can be hard to get great tiles. How would it work with mono when you are trying for one colour?!?! Haha appreciate the knowledge man. Thanks!

I am going all out maxing him! I really hope I got the mats :crossed_fingers:never had a very fast player. So he’s exciting. All the reviews seem amazing.

Currently all I got has been going into him, once I finish I’ll start putting into sabina, mel and skits. I already did her a little bit. I didn’t go into skits much because of LJ but you are right certain quests require him. I’ll have to start with him too!

Thanks for your response @Dudeious.Maximus :smiley:

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