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I’m relatively new to the game and have been reading and experimented on setting up my team a lot (with the help of my alliance). But no matter what I do, I end up with the same team for everything (farming, titans, raid and defense) because of the Team power number… Whenever I level up a Hero that adds a higher number I replace to the same color that existed before … So, below is a pic of my roster and a list of the top Heroes I have at my disposable right now… What I would like to know, based on what I have, if I’m levelling up the right Heroes and suggestions if I should have different teams for different strategies… I know that I should have a Healer for instance for defense, so I’m levelling up Kiril … Here’s what I have… and thanks a lot in advance!

5* Heroes
Quintus 1/47
Joon 1/38
Justice 1/1

4* Heroes
Kiril 2/38
Scarlett 1/30
Wu Kong 2/10
Sabina 1/6
Sonya 1/9

And a few 4* Heroes @ 1/1
Cyprian x2
Li Xiu x2
Grimm x2

Didn’t mention any 3*, but if needed just ask me please…

Tks again!

You will have slightly different make up to your teams for farming, titans and wars.

Healers are a must for every scenario, so continue with Kiril

Wu Kong is great for Titans. Im not a fan of the misses when it comes to wars though, other people don’t mind it. Level Joon for wars in place of Wu Kong.

Wilbur should be leveled

Sabina is great as well. I like two healers in almost every team I put together.

Not a fan of Skittleskull to complete the rainbow makeup, I would go with Sonya if it were my roster.

Tks for the answers Qwikening

So, for Blue is clear, I would level up Kiril first tham Sonia…

Now for the Red, Keep levelling up G. Kong first than Wilbur?
For Purple, Keep levelling up Quintus then Sabina?

I’d strongly recommend focusing on your 4* heroes right now. I doubt you have the materials to ascend your 5s yet so those can wait a while. A 4-70 4 is often more powerful than a 3-70 5* and they are much easier to get.

I think this gets looked over a lot because 5s are exciting but a deep 4 bench is what you want to chase early so you can better farm those 5* materials. It will lead to better titan scores, better war scores, better event/challenge scores which all leads to 5* ascension materials.

Another way to think of it - You can beat all the challenges and events, even the 5* ones, with a strong team of 4s…you cant use your 5s in the 4* event.

Just some food for thought.

IMO your best heroes per color are Kiril/Grimm, Wilbur, Buddy, Wu, Tibertus/Sabina.

You can decide to use Grimm/Sabina or Kiril/Tibertus. Similar combos just different healer abilities.

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Take Kong to 2.60 and start with Wilbur. You can also leave Quintus where he ist and go for Tibs (when u got the capes) or Sabina immediately.

Just the way I would approach it (everyone has different opinions)…

Side note: I have leveled as many 5 heroes as I could. I feel they are comparable to fully ascended 4* even at 3/70, but that’s my choice. I did suffer the first few special events since I was lacking 4* heroes. Just focused a few key 4* heroes to ensure I could hit the middle stages on the events. Your call though.

Ice: Kiril (as far as you can take him) -> Sonya
Fire: G. Kong (as far as you can take him) -> Wilbur (max him out)
Dark: Sabina (max her out-heals heals heals) -> Quintus
Holy: Joon (as high as you can take him) -> Wu Kong or Li Xui next
Nature: Keep pulling heroes!

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