Help setting my roster

Hi @Shenson, welcome back. I assume you’re looking for help with a defense roster?

You have two good candidates for tank: Telluria and Kunchen. It’s not clear from what you’ve posted which of those two is your tank. You also have Guinevere who is a good tank, too. Justice could work, too.

Before I tell you who I think should be in your roster, I’ll recommend that Elena not be in your defense lineup. She’s not great on defense. I would put Marjana in her place.

I think, even after her rebalance, Telluria is your best tank, or will be when fully leveled up. If you go with her, then:

Seshat - Guinevere - Telluria - Marjana - Finley

If you can level up Vela, then I would go with the Telluria+Vela combo:

Seshat - Guinevere - Telluria - Marjana - Vela

If you choose to go with Kucnhen, then you could bring Kingston in as your green on a wing, and that would be interesting, too:

Kingston - Guinevere - Kunchen - Marjana - Finley

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Wow. Thank you for that. I am looking for a team for every aspect. I want a great defense team. A great titan team. A great map team. And overall good team. Etc. I like having one of each color on my team. I don’t know if that is the best process. I also am not big on having more than one of the same hero. What 3 star, 4 star and 5 stars should i focus on leveling up? Thank you for your input

Ah, that’s a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I think you need to set some priorities since you can’t do everything at once.

I may recommend that focus on a set of heroes to get through the map. You’ll need the map for resources to build the team.

I would not focus on raiding just now. To be really effective at raiding, I think you need to have three solid heroes of each color with a mixture of healers, cleansers, and debuffers. That’s a tall order. For Titans, you need to max Wu Kong, then get a healer of each color, a defense down, attack down, and heavy hitter. That’s an even taller order. You’ll get there, but it will take time.

Given that you have so many heroes and so few are maxed, I recommend a priority. Choose one hero of each color and focus on that hero until he or she is maxed (or you run out of ascension materials). Speaking of ascension materials, it will sound counter-intuitive, but you may want to prioritize four-star heroes first. They require fewer materials thus giving you a quicker “payoff” and you’re less likely to be roadblocked by a lack of tabards, tomes of tactics, etc.

Here’s my priority for 4*: Rigard, Guardian Jackal, Grimm, Caedmon, Scarlet

They give you a mixture of healing, defense down, attack down, and debuff.

Good luck

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Thank you for the info. I changed up my teams a little bit so i can focus on them. I have 2 5 star teams. One is offense one is defense. I have 2 4 star teams with a focus on the heroes you named to level up and i added a 3 star team for those rare occassions or tournaments. I have been playing for a while. I just didn’t have a clear direction in which i wanted to do. So i would just put players who did the most damage instead of having a clear focus on what i wanted. Thank you for the info.
Im hoping i can hear from other people as well. I like having multiple inputs.

Ok, after a year of playing, it should have become apparent that heroes are at their most effective when maxed. The training of so many heroes all at the same time betrays a lack of focus.

The advice from @RicElDrac is spot on and I would not change it. They key thing you need to do is identify the heroes who should be prioritised and ascend them fully. Spreading your training around is not helping. I have never seen a list with so many partially levelled heroes and zero emblems applied

Good luck!

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Okay, I’m quite shocked here… Wow :laughing:

68 heroes of which 13 are HoTMs and 6 special (challenge & seasonal) heroes…

Have you just be extra lucky with pulls or…?

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