Help select best OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE team from 30 heroes

I do not have MATS to ascend any of my five stars to 80, so asking for help to assemble my overall best OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE team in the meantime from my 70 and 60 heroes. Advice welcome.

Defense Boldtusk Li Xiu Sonya Proteus melendor

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Forget the 5 star heroes for now focus on 4 stars like caedmon kashrek rigard triton kiril

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Would you double up on another hero than Li Xiu? I like her but she is soft at level 60

Totally agree with this! But this order

Anyone who thinks including Horghall at 70 as a tank would be a good idea?

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There is no best offensive team. The best offensive team is tailormade according your opponent.

  1. is it a Titan, triple Stack or more of the Strong Color, Chose Heroes with Supporting Specials like -def, +atk…
  2. is it for the next hard Level on the map, Check Pit what color the mobs and Bosses are, encounter the specials of the Bosses
  3. for farming chose a team, that can finish as quick as possible, e.g. Rainbow team with splash or AoE damage
  4. war and raid, colorstack against the tank and/or the biggest threat

Defense like chadmo advised.
What are horghalls Stats at 3-70?

Thanks for the help. one other question. Which hero would you ascend next from EACH ELEMENT?

Horghall’s stats at 3-70 are 552/547/1299

Regarding horghall as Tank, just try and look where your Cups are going to.

Next to lvl, i would pick up some 4*:

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What’s the Best D team u can come up with my current heroes??

-All Mana troops are at least +11 troops
-I have 5 resets so I can move emblems

Santa +7
Seshat +7
Telly +6
Neith +3
Richard +6
Isarnia +7
GM 4/61
Malosi 3/70
Quintus 3/70 Costumed

Clarissa Telly (2)
Norns Justice (1)
Inari Isarnia (2)

Thank u if u can!!!

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