📢 HELP! Search for 15 Missing Alliance Members (Daddy Cool) Kicked by Ex-Leader

Can you help @Inge1 find missing alliance mates?

So, this is a highly-unfortunate situation, and I’m hoping with some luck, some members of the Forum can help.

Here’s the deal, from @Inge1 of the Daddy Cool Alliance:


If anyone is in a LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other group where this would be appropriate to share, please do. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Our team leader had a nervous break down and deleted 15 of our 27 alliance members. Does anyone know how I can find and contact them?

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I’m so sorry to hear that! Perhaps try making a new thread saying something like

Your Alliance name - looking for all our lost players

And post it in general category for now, explaining what happened so it perhaps won’t be moved to recruiting.

I’m sure those players are also trying to figure out how to reconnect and may come here looking for you.

Make sure you put your alliance name in the heading so we can all help your lost players if they come asking.

Good luck!

@zephyr1 could you move the above posts (@Inge1 and mine) to the general


Our Alliance name is DaddyCool. We search for missing members, 15 persons, deleted by our team leader. After that, he left the alliance. This was made in pure anger after a very unharmful discussion the evening before. How can we find them?

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I’ve asked one of the moderators to move our posts to the general category. Hopefully it will get more exposure there.

@rook @Garanwyn

@princess1 I’m not a mod, alas. Just a Regular like you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Inge1 if you post a thread in #general-discussion, that will get you a wide audience here for possibly finding them. If you need help creating that thread, just let me know and I’ll walk you through doing it.


@Inge1 Welcome to the Forum, and sorry to hear that happened. :confused:

Creating a thread is the best option, as @Garanwyn and @princess1 said.

I assume the intention is to find the members and get them to rejoin the existing alliance? Just want to make sure I have the situation clear before I make a thread.

Also, do any of the members use outside chat apps like LINE or WhatsApp?


Your assumption is correct. We want to tell them they are welcome back. Maybe some kind of backup?
I do not know what platforms they are using. Many thanks!

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No problem! Give me a couple minutes to take care of some non-Forum stuff, and l’ll get a thread up.


Pinned for 12 hours.

@Inge1 Thanks for your patience, it took me a bit to get back to a computer to take care of this. :slight_smile:

I’ve created this thread in #general-discussion, and pinned it for 12 hours — so it’ll be one of the first posts anyone on the Forum sees.

I hope we get lucky, and some of your missing members see it, or someone who’s able to get in touch with some of them does!

Thanks @princess1 and @Garanwyn for assisting.


Many people can’t take the frustration of loosing raids/wars !! I’m sorry about that !!!
Hopefully you get back together and this time drama free !!!
Good luck !!!

Also how about posting names of missing members in case we see them around we have a sister aliance and I have many friends and family in others I can put the word out there if anyone sees them !! And in future make line group and keep them in private chat also so if group leader decided to boot all can still chat in private :wink:

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I don’t know the alliance, and I’m not aware of any former members I know from it.

But if you listed the game names of the 15 members you are looking for, somebody might know them individually.


I am here and also Facebook and in global. If I hear it see anything will let them know for you. So very sorry for you and the ones it happened to

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Thank you zephyr1, we will come back with a list of names today.

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Pleasanton find the names of our missing people. Some have found their way back, some we do not want back, and here is the list:










So, the number has already gone down, but 9 is bad enough.

I have an idea. With help of these names in our alliance it must be possible to find their e-Mail adresses in a register somebody has access to. Can this person please do that and send them a mail that they are welcome back.

Hope this is possible.

Thank you!

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set your alliance to open and of they wanna come back they will

Thank you, but our alliance is open, they just must figure out the right way. It is not always easy to find if you for instance do not remember the name correctly.

Thanks for your advice!

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There’s no way to do that, unfortunately. Even SGG doesn’t have access to player emails unless they’ve contacted support.

@Frida @Juggernaut Do either of you happen to be the people that @Inge1 is looking for from the Daddy Cool alliance?


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