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Hi all, I have a big problem. I can not restore my game account. Where and how can this be done?

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Check out the page below for general instructions. The ‘Submit a request’ link near the bottom lets you contact customer support directly if nothing else works.

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Thank you very much, I applied for oriental nickname with your help.

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Good day. I tried all possible connection options. But my mail with which the process was connected via Google gives a new process and does not restore the old one.I have already contacted the Google center, but they include a robot correspondence. I have no choice. As the process changes in my alliance, 3 people just like I lost the process. I can eat other ways to transfer the old process to another mail? I don’t know. I spent a lot of money. I’m not a healthy person. I have cancer of the disease. I just entertained yourself with your game. and now I have no interest in playing.I am present at the official forum and could not help there either.I turned to you with the last hope. I realized that you, too, cannot help. All the options you offered to restore the process did not produce any results. Have a good day. And be healthy and and do not get sick.

Ciao,ho perso il mio acaunt e non poso recoperarlo, mi potete aiutare?

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