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Myself, my fiancee and her 8 year son play Empires and Puzzles. The little one plays on my fiancee’s old phone and when she decided to start playing, she downloaded the game to her phone. The problem was that the 2 accounts shared the same Google Play account. My fiancee lost her account and the kid’s account is now that active account on both phones.

She submitted a ticket to Support and they informed her that only one account can be recovered and the other would be lost. So be it she said. When she contacted Support again to let them know that she wanted her account to be recovered, the ticket was already closed with no response. A second ticket was submitted and immediately closed. A third ticket is now pending.

I am hoping that a staff member or moderator could assist us in recovering her account. The kid will just have to start over and although he will be pretty upset, I think he will get over it quickly as most little kids do.

Hi @Caurion. We mods are just players like you who volunteer to help keep the forum running smoothly. We don’t work for SG and have no visibility or control on the ticket resolution process.

The forum isn’t set up to deal with individual account issues either, so there’s nothing anyone here is going to be able to post that will help. I’m going to close this thread, and then I’ll PM you to talk further about the situation.

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