Help please

how do I get rid of this. I get twice every time I log in.

It happens to me too. I just give my consent twice and I only see it again the next time I completely log in again.

“You may be bothered but you don’t have to be” is my opinion so far. :wink:

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Eep! That looks scary…

I would take a screenshot of my account # and version (Menu > Options > About), first. But that’s because I’m a careful soul. :wink:

I think I will suffer thru the pop ups. I’m a alliance leader and I don’t want to lose my account for any length of time. But thank you for your help. If you hear of a different way of elimating the problem please let me know.

The solution was given by Petri the dev. It doesn’t get more direct than that.

I hear your concern though!

Has Petri seen that pic I took. Just wondering.

@Petri: ^^

When @scott365 tries your direction (above) for his issue, he gets a scary message. Advice?

I tried this on another game that I’ve long stop playing/didnt care anymore. It wiped out all my current progress and start all over from zero. Better safe than sorry.

Если я играла на ios,смогу ли я перейти на android и продолжать играть? Как мне это сделать чтобы не потерять мой прогресс игры?

Can you translate please

Здравствуйте! У меня еще была другая команда. Ник назывался “ңұле ңет”. Просто там у меня была команда по сильнее и я был на 17 уровне. Спасибо, конечно что востановили эту команду. Просто в ту команду я вложился. Учетная запись была #4xdam

I’m trying to play Province 18 Morgovia Stage 6 and this message in the screenshot is not allowing me to play.

I am In spectator mode for some reason! Pls help

Please read this:
Why am I in Spectator Mode?

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