Help please with raid and defense teams

Please can someone give me advice on what to make out of this mess I got? I have tried so many configurations and I’m not doing so well. So I come to the place where I hope to get input that will help me progress cause I’ve hit my wall. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes their time to respond.

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It will be helpful to see what unleveled heroes you have too, so we can help you prioritize who you’re leveling.

From what I can see, I like one of these two options (the order matters):

  1. Elkanen, Sabina, Thorne, Delilah, Colen


  1. Sabina, Skittleskull, Delilah, Colen, Thorne

The reason I like option #1 is because Thorne is tough and he will keep healing before they can kill him with the incidental tiles hitting Delilah and Sabina. That will also give Elkanen time to charge and take a couple of shots while Colen charges and deals the death blow to the team.

The reason I like option #2 is because they will probably kill Delilah but she should heal everyone before she goes and give everyone a minion to protect them. The opponents incidental tiles will hit Skittle and Colen so when they finally kill Delilah, both of them go off and do major damage to the opposing team, skittle protecting the team even more by reducing their attack. Then Sabina can keep Thorne alive and he can finish off whoever is left.

Good luck.

NittanyLionRoar unfortunately what you see is what I have. No unleveled hero’s I only have 15 total. I did lose Kong earlier today due to a bug or a glitch but he just totally disappeared from my hero list. I contacted support 8 hours ago but nothing from them yet as to what might have happened

Wu Kong or Guardian Kong? I ask because Wu Kong is an all-star attacker… not great on defense but he’s on all my offense teams.

I wouldn’t say “unfortunately.” For having so few heroes you have a really nice rainbow team. I think you will find that when you get them to the final ascension tier they become really good. Which heroes are you closest to having the mats to ascend to final tier?

Guardian Kong I’m waiting to see what happened to him. I logged in today a proof gone. I reloaded game and rebooted device and nothing so hoping support can shed some in site on his disappearance

That makes me terrified about what can happen to my heroes lol

I need orbs to ascend Jackal and Delilah and she also needs poison darts=5 and time of tactic. Colen 4 hidden blades cause I just used all them to ascend Kong before he disappeared lol. Sonya 1 warm cape and Thorn 1 warm cape 2 farsight Tele 1 tome of tact

Okay so it sounds like you’re closest to ascending Thorne, so maybe you go with option #1 once you ascend him. And if you go with option #1 you can use skittle or Elkanen in that edge slot. Until then, I personally like option #2 because I think the order the specials will Fire is better. In the really really long term, once Delilah is ascended, option #2 may be best.

In summary, I suggest using option #2 until you ascend Thorne. Then switch to option #1. Once you ascend Delilah, go back to option #2. Just my opinion.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For taking your time to help me. I truly appreciate it. I hope one day I can repay you somehow or at least pass it forward (when I get enough knowledge that will help someone lol) Thx again Nittany

No problem! I have fun with putting different heroes together. I’m not an expert by any stretch so im sure other people can help you think through it too.

How is the defense working out @TonytheTitan?

I agree with @NittanyLionRoar on the point of Thorne as your brick (center position, option #1 ). His job there is to give your other heroes time to mana up. He takes the longest to kill, so put him there.

Also, as of today 4/9/18, Thorne got a buff.

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Not sure how its working. I haven’t been raided and no war is going on but ill be sure to let you know and again thx

Thx for response. What buff did Thorne get?

Thorne’s special damage went from 446% to 460%

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Thank you for the info!! I really appreciate it

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My defense team is working awesome I got attack 6 times over the weekend and only lost one cause he totally out ranked me. Other than that it’s working. I won more than i lost. So thank you so much and appreciate your time and knowledge

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Thx the team is working awesome I’m 5-1 against raids so much better than I was thank u for your input and time I really appreciate it


I am so glad to hear it! Keep up the good work!

My defense team is getting better cause I ascended Thorne and Delilah. Just finished an alliance war and it took the enemy 5 members and 12 attacks to take my team out. Before I would die with one attack. So truly I appreciate ur time and info its been the difference between night and day (or should say, difference between getting stomped and holding my own).

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