Help please, which 5* red to ascend?

The very first 5* red I received was Azlar, which I promptly began leveling. He currently stands at 3/70. I was going to give him the rings, but then received Elena, Zimkitha, and now Mitsuko.

My main offense team is: Wu Kong (4/70), Azlar (3/70), Cyprian (4/70), Gormek (3/60), Hansel (4/70).

After I get Misandra leveled (3/24), she will replace Gormek. I will also replace Cyprian with Rigard after he is fully leveled (4/55), and then replace Rigrad with Sartana once she is leveled (1/5).

If I didn’t give the rings to Azlar, I was leaning towards Zimkitha…

Appreciate any advice, thanks!


Okay, so for your first 5* team, I would suggest leveling the most versatile heroes first- since they’ll be your only 80 heroes for awhile. It’s difficult to say who when you don’t have a full team of 5* to pick from, in order to plan your ascensions wisely. For instance, you don’t want to ascend all utility heroes for your first set- I would suggest only doing one or two and making the rest more offensive heroes.

Zimkitha would be a good utility hero to ascend to 80, but since you’re leveling Rigard currently, her cleanse isn’t quite as vital. Although, she is fast compared to Rigard’s average, so she has him beat there. Her buff is also awesome to have at fast mana, so out of the two lions, I’m leaning more toward her. Though, if you plan on running Rigard for a good while, she might not be the best fit.

If you do Azlar, his SS will max at 80, and since he’s all about attacking- he really needs to be maxed to reach his full potential. Whereas Zim could sit at 70 and most of her skills would work just fine. Only thing is, I would only ascend one slow hero to 80 for your first set. If you have too many slows on your team, you may struggle a little more. Thankfully you have Sartana for at least one fast sniper.

Now, Mitsuko might be helpful at 80, but she’s too new to really know for sure. If she becomes another option for you, I would wait until people have played her some more, or maybe level her to 70 yourself and see how she fits on your team. Overall though, I think she’ll be a great hero for offensive and defensive raiding.

This is your first 5* going to 80, and because of that I would be sure before taking them there. You want someone that will help you almost everywhere. Zimkitha seems like the best option, but not my favorite choice. Her cleanse is amazing, but only really is necessary during raids; she can be substituted for dotes everywhere else. For Titans, she could be helpful because of that buff though, but Azlar’s tile damage would be better than hers. & I’m really liking the idea of Mitsuko, but it’s too early to say for sure.

Overall, if you’re itching to ascend a red immediately, I would do Zim for a safe bet. That buff and cleanse will find plenty of use. If you’re willing to wait though, I would until we see Mitsuko’s place in the meta. Who knows, she could be really amazing. & Azlar is awesome, but I’d rather ascend him as your second red 5*, since the slow isn’t as versatile.

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I’d continue to use all of them at the 3rd ascension and see which one is more viable.
You may end up with marjana playing this way if you luck out.

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Zim over Azlar for sure…


Long ascension to the Ring! (ascend Zimkitha)


Thank you so much for your thorough analysis :star_struck: you hit everything on the nail.

I was itching to ascend someone, but considering I’ve been playing with Azlar unmaxxed for some time now, I’m thinking now that I should probably do the same with the other heroes to get a better feel of them.

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Thank you all for your input! I think I’m going to get Zimkitha to 70 first and then come back to the ring decision.

I love this community, you guys have really enriched my game-playing experience :heart_eyes:

You might want to wait for Kageburado…he’s an absolute beast. Granted, will probably be nerfed. As of now - whoa!

Say whaaa? Any details you can share? It would be such a bittersweet moment if I got him, there are only so many rings and I love all the heroes :sob:

Very fast sniper, huge hit when the target is fairly healthy, and debuffs the target. But he’s purple, not red.

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I would say Mitsuko. She has nearly 200 points better sum of def+att+hp and is quite a unique hero. I think they probably made a mistake when they set these numbers. Also, she will have a good multiple use (attack, defense titans).
Probably the best for now will be to wait a bit as many people just test how she really is, but she looks like a beast.

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Took me a while to get this… Hilarioussss :rofl:

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Agreed, I’ve waited this long anyway to ascend a 5*, might as well wait a little longer to make a wise decision

anyone would be cool except Mitsuko. I think Azlar would be very cool

Can you a little elaborate on the reason why Mitsuko is the worst one?

I have 5 fully leveled red 5* heros. Ive played with many. Not impressed with zim. Azlars easy to kill as a tank. But mitsuko is amazing to go and raid with. Shes also a ba tank. Just my thoughts but hands down i pick mitsuko.

As @Kerridoc said. Kage is purple now not red and in My opinion is the most powerful sniper this game has ever seen. When placed next to my full level khiona he becomes a one hit beast. I will be attempting to get 2 kageburados. I already have 2 tc 11’s running full time. I have a purple specific tc running full time as well. Im also running tc 20 to store food in. Hopefully i will have the 700,000 xp and 37,000,000 food necessary to level kage by then. Not sure if I will flank inari or guin with him.

Also, like @Kerridoc we tested them all in beta relentlessly. Inari is the top dog bar none imho. Kageburado is beyond god status. I was too overwhelmed with those two to pay attention to mitsuko in beta but i just finished leveling her in meta. Shes in war right now and destroys everyone. I have all the red 5* heros and play them often. Zim just isnt a hero i will ever fully level. I have her fairly high but this war is over for me and i never used her. Never will. Shes just useless in my ranks. Mitsuko however is amazing. Magni used to give me fits. So did many blues. Now i take mitsuko and charge her up. Right before blues launch i set of mitsuko and let the blues commit suicide. Im very much so in love with her. I went 6/6 in this war and all i can say is that she simply amazing. She was good in beta and even better in meta.

Heres my war defense

We will see how it stands up.


Thanks for this info!

I’m praying that Alasie resurfaces again, I want her SO bad. I have zero worthy options for a main team blue.

I’m sure we’ll see Alasie again, but remember that the odds of getting a past HotM are very low. Still, of the three blue 5* snipers (Alasie, Arthur, Magni) that I have, Alasie definitely gets the most outings in PvP settings. Arthur is better on titans, though.

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