Help please! (team setup thread)

E & P players,

I am a long time forum lurker and have been playing almost two years. I have thrown money into E & P here and their and have amassed a good set of cards ( including duplicates). I was saving my TC20 dups for the hero academy, and plan to spend a little in May to hope to obtain gravermaker…and mainly go C2P there after. Problem is I have so many choices I don’t know who to use as my main team!

For everyday raiding I usually do:

Rainbow defense :

(All are either 6 or higher emblemed)

Wu Kong and 4 strong colors depending on titan

I really like the 2020 March HoTM, so was looking as using:


But again I have so many good 5s, not sure what to do!
I can acsend to lvl 80 2 reds, 2 blues, 1 green, 2 yellows, and no purples. Again mainly everyday use, my small guild of three only kills 2*-3* titans (RL family guild, casual play).

Ty all for suggestions! FYI all my 3* I have are maxed, and not showing all my 4* but most are maxed.

IMO, I think I would use tonic for Mother North 1, then either Telluria or MN2 or LoTL, then MN3.
But at least one MN is ascended. That’s my opinion.

I don’t think Grazul is your best tank option, rated B, whereas Aegir is rated A by the Wise Goat. I’ve already faced a levelled and emblemed Telluria, and she was tough.

You have some great heros so very jelly. As @jinbatsu said MN is awesome, she can change the outcome of a losing battle, and two is just insane!

If I were you I’d be levelling…

  • Blue - Vela, at very fast she’s deadly
  • Yellow - Neith, I don’t have her but I see her regularly in diamond defense teams
  • Red - JF
  • Purple - 2nd Seshat, she’s that great!


P. S. If you are not in a helpful alliance that gives good advice freely, I would suggest having a look in Alliance Recruitment. There are so many and I can see you’ve invested a bit of coin in your heros.


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