Help please if you would with ascension

I have scratched my itch for 3 and 4 star ascensions . I have to focus on my 5 star heroes . I am working on C Magni and Mother North . I already have Isarnia fully leveled . Should I level Zulag or Zartana ? I have C Rigard as 4 healer . Any help is great thanks

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If I had to choose between them, Sartana without a doubt. You already have two healers and, besides, C. Rigard is a better healer than Zulag.


I love to support niche heroes, but I’ve been horribly disappointed with Zulag.

Sartana is practical, reliable and useful in numerous situations.

Zulag is only good as a tank and then only with a massive stack of emblems. I stripped mine as soon as a reasonable contender arrived.


Zulag makes me play from wings to tank whenever I see her (not so much, btw).

It’s a pity that her innate ability is so useless and that she only heals nearby allies.

I think there are a few players who find her useful in attack, but I wouldn’t give her the tabards as she is now.

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Yeah, she can only take four mono tiles at +19/20. All her abilities can be cancelled and even then they are of little consequence.

I have few HOTM so I gave her every opportunity to impress.

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Yes, Sartana looks like the best option.

With the release of absolutely ridiculous fast heroes and crazy snipers, nowadays she’s mediocre without costume.

She has low base stats (that gets even lower everytime they release any other dark hero because the newer ones are 80x stronger), insignificant Damage Over Turn and her skill will hit soft without emblems.

That’s my opinion on her but she’s usable, more than Zulag.


@JonahTheBard could you close this for me please . Seems the matter is closed in my mind . Thanks you all so very very much

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