Help please DoA/ DoT

What is DoA ? Definition and DoT…Damage over Time

In my country, it is Dead on Arrival. :sweat_smile:


Been playing for two years and don’t remember anybody using the abbreviation DOA.

Perhaps you mean AOE, which stands for Area of Effect, which seems to be shorthand for a hits all hero like Azlar or Vela

DoT you already know, which is a status effect which persists over a few turns, like GMs burn damage, Velas water damage

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Never heard of DOA unless you mean AoE which is attacking everyone.

Here’s the E&P jargon glossary thread


I found Guvnor’s post:

So for example Li Xiu deals DoA, while Azlar DoT?

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Well looking at that thread, he mentions Costume Azlar as DoA. Costume Azlar hits 3, not everyone. E&P Jargon thread calls this ‘splash attack’. I usually just call it - hit 3.

Normal Azlar hits everyone, which is definitely AoE.

Guvnor has given me a previous text for a question of mine, and in that text the terms DoA / Dot appear

But also please read this:

He distinguishes there DoA3 and DoA5 depending how many enemies a hero can hit.
So Li Xiu deals DoA5, Azlar (w/o costume) DoA5 + DoT (?)

So DoA is a normal attack, while DoT is a status like burn or poison which deals damage over X turns.

In that case, DoA seems to be a generic term for damage over an undefined area. Which you can define by putting a number on it.

DoA1 = Hit 1 = Also Sniper Damage/ Snipe Attack/ Snipe

DoA3 = Hit 3 = Also called Splash Damage

DoA5 = Hit 5/Hit All = Also called AoE

You could theoretically also have DoA2 (Bjorn’s special maybe?) and DoA4

If that is the case, it probably correlates to

DD = Direct Damage, in the glossary thread, which means immediate damage, as opposed to,

DoT, which is definitely damage over time like burn or water or poison over x number of turns.

In my head, I’ve always interpreted AOE as “all over effect”.

“Area of Effect” sounds more like a column heading, where the choices are 1, 3, or 5


We need another abbreviation that is shorthand for “damages more than 1 and leaves DOT”. These newer heroes having such complicated specials I’m having trouble fitting them into one line on my war cards. It’s all about me you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

Sorry I should clarify:

I use DoA to mean “damage over area”; usually followed by a number to indicate the maximum effect. So DoA5 = hits up to 5 enemies. DoA3 = hits up to 3 enemies (target & nearby).

Often people refer to thos as AoE3 or AoE5 heroes for “area of effect”… I should change but it’s a habit now.

DoT is a standard for “Damage over time” which refers to effects which inflict damage each turn over a period of time (e.g. Marjana burn, sartana poison etc…)

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For me it’s Damage on All.
Dead or Alive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But what does AoE mean?
Att on Enemies?
All over Earth? :wink:

All Over EVERYONE!!! :crazy_face:

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