Help picking up heroes to for me team

So basicly i’m a pretty newbie with this game. I was lucky enough to get some 4* and one 5* hero and since i don’t really know that much about the game i would like to get some help! :joy:

Any help? Which heroes i should focus on to lvl up. Which are good once for my defense and to level myself up? And ofc the right order for heroes
Right now i have this team for lvl up and defense in this order:
Melendor, Boril, Sir Lancelot, Cyprian, Joon.

Somehow i never thought this game would have so much tactics in this… :sweat_smile:

I myself would probably go for Caed lance boril rigard joon.
Joon is a bit problematic in the beginning as he requires so much resources to level up.
As for the rest, you dont really need 2 riposters (cyprian and boril) so no nees to level up cyprian, you can take rigard or merlin instead. I would take rigard as he is a really powerful healer, and this allow you to swap melendor for caed(both are good but you dont need 2 healers). Other option is to go with Merlin, who is awesome also, and keep melendor.
If you happen to get Wukong or chao I would replace Joon with either of them at first. Joon is good but you might be too in the beginning to focus on him yet.

That’s my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Thanks Evil. I’ll figure this out at some point :slight_smile:

You can watch this hero grading sheet (that you can also find on to chose what to improve as first thing, based on your preferences.

To start you should focus on a rainbow team (1 hero for each element), trying to have:

  • A healer
  • A buffer (+ATK)
  • A debuffer (-DEF)
  • A striker

Your healers are Melendor, Rigard and Sabina
Your only buffer is Sir Lancelot
Your only debuffer is Tiburtus
Your best “pure” striker is Joon

Id say to level heroes in that order (not talking about 3 :star: heroes):

  • Purple
    • Tiburtus, Rigard, Merlin, Sabina, Cyprian
  • Yellow
    • Joon
  • Blue
    • Boril
  • Green
    • Melendor, Caedmon
  • Red
    • Sir Lancelot

Some heroes as your Sir Lancelot, Cyprian and Boril have a self buff + 2 sides effects.
When you use them you should try to put them in the three posizion (mid left, mid, mid right).

As said here above if you manage to get Wu Kong you should keep him and try to replace Boril with a better blue (Grimm or Kiril for example).


4* heroes take 47% of XP and half the 3* ascension items of a 5* hero, so you want a good team of 4* first. Preferable two good 4* rainbow teams so you can use double strong colors against a titan and remove your weak color from you attack team.

Stronghold 20 and legendary training will give you 4* heroes ( Note 0 )

Rigard is very nice ( Note 1) and helps you complete Rare Ascension Item Quests to help you level other heros.

Melendor/ Sabina are almost clones, but since you already have Rigard, I would level Melendor so you have a debuff healer, and a non-purple healer for purple bosses/ titans. Melendor is a glass canon that does lots of board damage, so he does good if you ever get Wu Kong ( Note 2 ). His high healing ( 42% ) and high attack stat will also help you complete Rare Ascension Item Quests.

Merlin one of the best 4* heroes versus enemy healers. Also good against titans. But he is purple, so wait a bit on him. On a personal note, I started with Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus and I never regretted my wife’s advise to level Rigard first.

Joon is insane with 40% accuracy debuff. But TWO 4* yellow heroes take 94% of the XP and the same amount of 3* ascension items as Joon. So leveling two decent 4* yellow would be my priority.

Note 0)

Note 1)

Note 2)


Can anyone please help me pick a team from the following? Thank you doc

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