Help on Team Comp before lvling up

I have spent a lot of money on the game hunting Kage which was unsuccessful which is why I’ll stop spending but… I got a lot of 4S and a Delilah (B) … I don’t want Holy 5s I got like 8 Onatel… No kidding
So I have Onatel, Joon, Delilah (color stacking I don’t see the sense, the hero missing is stupid.
On 4S I’ve been lvling up Boldtusk and Kiril, but now I got Grimm and Wilbur…

I would like some recommendations on team comps cuz the Hero Grading sheet is not upgraded either.

Wilbur or Boldtusk?
Kiril or Grimm?
Proteus or Tiburtus?

Or I can make different teams but how would build up your main team with my roster? I am lvl 16 need to make a strong team to keep progressing.

Thanks for the help in adv :smiley:

All of those 6 are fabulous choices, so do what you want. Personally I’d keep going with BT, Proteus

If you have items for a five star then Onatel, but that seems unlikely, so I would probably take Chao up for now.

I’d probably go Grimm also for team balance, a ramming pulveriser is always very handy
And finish off with Melendor or gadeirus for a second healer, probably Mel for debuff

Team could be Mel, Grimm, BT, Proteus, Chao

The six have to be done, BT Grimm et Proteus first.

How much did you spend on Atlandide event?

I’ve been using
Proteus - Boldtusk - Onatel - Kiril - Lyanna
Same but instead of Proteus - Joon

But I’m wondering if I should use Wilbur cuz Kiril gives attack buff and heal as well but not so much… What about Delilah… I really wanted a Dark or Ice 5s Héroe…

What’s important is that we are healthy haha

Too early for 5* to be prioritised

I am level 35 and still use the 4 stars heaps, especially good ones like BT. Get a good four star team together and it will take you a long way

Focus on damage and for that boldtusk / grimm are good choice. Proteus is really good and will help you a lot. I’m using wilbur combined with 3 heroes of same color to do big damages. He is not really interesting at your level

Why? I mean a single 5S is stronger than a 4s ascended. But either way should I prioritize BT over Wilbur? I need help on which 4S to vll up as you an see I have a lot of trash to use for lvling.

Agree Wilbur is a mid - late game operator, great on bigger titans.

I dotn see how color stacking is good, when I try with Holy heroes it’s jsut “Hero Missing” on all the tiles but holy, if there are not enough Holy tiles it’s a lost.

I have 48 heroes fully ascended, 34 4* / 14 5*. My target on war is 6 os (one shot). 4* properly used can easily kill a 5*. Fully ascending a 5* take a while. At 70/3 a 5* is often less powerfull than a 4*

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Ascension items will hold you back. You’ve got heaps of great hero options. A fully ascended four star, especially the ones I listed, is generally better than a 3/70 five star, for same items

And don’t feed away four stars yet. You’re better off expanding your hero cap

The game is a long grind, and you will find that ascension items are the biggest limitation

Colour stacking is great. Try 3-2 stacks using three for tank colour and 2 supporting with a healer. You can take down bigger teams that way.i still raid 200 to 400 above my team power, quite successfully with colour stacking and ghosting

There are plenty of threads on colour stacking theory and why it works if you search

Okay but how would make the teams looking at my roster?

Look at the bottom of my first reply

Stacking is the only way to kill a Guinevere with standard heroes. Sartana Merlin and Tiburtus do the job, with good tiles. I mention Guinevere but it’s true with any tank. 3/4/5 heroes of same color can defeat any team at 4K power.

I would do Boldtusk Grimm Li Xiu Proteus and Caedmon

But… Lyanna is beast… and I mean thanks for the help but I want to understand why not the 5S. Lyanna 1 shot, Onatel is so so but it’s always alive. Now regarding your team you say

Grimm and BT, but… I don’t know I think, Grimm, Kiril Wilbur and BT have similar buffs.

I agree with the limitations, actually I can’t even ascend the 5s due to lack of food storage haha. But I like the Characters. I’ll make teams of 4S it’s on my plans also for wars. But I feel the same as before don’t know what to replace on my main team.

Grim is a debuff on enemy defense

Wilbur is a defense buff and enemy defense debuff

But is a heal and buff as is Kiril . Note that I didn’t have those both in my suggested team

Feel free to not take my advice, it is your game after all. Four stars will,if you let them, progress faster than 5 stars, but do what you want

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Lianna is really good, my third Lianna is on the way :slight_smile: and stacked with evelyn nothing resists.

Healers are essential. I have 4/5 kiril/boldtusk on my both accounts (I also have other 4* healers twice). They are most valuable 4*, you will need them from beginning to end of the game. I will say you that you must also ascend gormeck, tiburtus asap. Depending of titan’s color you have to take the good one with you and if you can stack with boldtusk or kiril that’s better.
So most of the time Gormeck / Boldtusk or Kiril Grimm are good combination (in raid / war / titan / events). Wilbur is special case.
Heroes like ciao, little john, skittleskull, collen, scarlett kelile are here to fill the space. You will never need them twice.

Those hereos will never disappoint you.

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