Help on maxing out special skill level

So 2 of my Heroes are maxed out levels, but their Special Skill levels did not! Any advice of how to fix?

you just have to keep feeding them. Probably 10 1* same color at a time. Annoying but that is the only way.

What heros are they?

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Thank You @Rockstar9280…Leonidas and Balthazar

The 3* does happen more than others.

Leo I don’t know. It takes so long to level them. Mine are usually at lest 7/8 by level 60.

Do you always feed the same color?

How far did their specials get ?

I tend to use other colors for my heroes

Balthazar is 6 and Leonidas is 7

For 3* heroes feeding them with copy of themself could be the better choice if you are also leveling other heroes of their color, for Leonidas Id say to only feed him with x10 > 2* yellow heroes to increase your chances. Keep your yellow 1* heroes to level other, less meat expensive heroes.

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To be completely honest, it’s not worth doing anything about it anymore. They will both serve their purpose just fine. Depending on how long you’ve been playing and what your roster looks like at the moment you’ll likely outgrow any need for 3*s very soon and Leonidas with a special level of 7/8 is more than adequate for all intent and purposes. You’d be wasting any heroes you continue to feed them. Use those feeders on a new hero instead.

In the future, for 3*s, I suggest you try to do on-color feeding up to about 2/3 of the way on their special, at minimum, they should be able to reach 8/8 with anything you feed them after that. Feeding 10 at a time AND clones will be a big help, as others have mentioned.

5s you can feed on-color up to about half way point, so about 4/8 or so. Then anything you want. Honestly, I’ve never had any 5 not reach their max special level and I feed them anything I get my hands on…

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There is a change in today’s new beta version that will help with this issue. I’d suggest, therefore, just holding these heroes where they land when you max their level until that change goes live.

As a general matter, always always always do matched-color training on 3* heroes. Do not use Trainer heroes until the special is maxed. Ideally, only use matched-color 1* heroes until the special is maxed.


@Wormwood…Thank You so much for the helpful hints and advice. I will definitely do that then. Thank you again

@Kerridoc…Thank You. I will do that as well

Color me intrigued Kerri… Hmmm… what could this change be?

It was directly based on a suggestion I made a few months back, but the devs implemented it way better than I suggested it.



If the rumor is true, this will help a lot especially when you have duplicates.

I’m not on the forums enough to pick up on most rumors. But I do have two 3* maxed heroes at 7/8 special… I have 1 duplicate of both of them at 1/1, so I have been waiting for a 2nd to feed to them. Guess I’ll keep holding on.

Each copy is 25% so, for 3* Feed them 4 if you can and its 100% to level special…obviously doing that for 4* and 5* is more problematic

Just hold those dupes until the change goes live. You’ll be glad you did.


@Slingbow that was certainly my plan. But, while I get 50 Tyrums when I don’t want them, I seem to get none when I want them for duplicate feeders. Same for Brienne. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kerridoc . Sounds like a plan.

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