Help on Five Star Hero Priorities

So I have been lucky as of late on some of my nonS1 5 Star hero draws (specifically in the blue department). I was hoping to get feed back on the following: Who should I prioritize in leveling/LBing once I have resources, one of each color? Of that list prioritize the order. Who should I use for my defensive team now / future state?

Thank you all in advance!

Current defensive team

Current Five Star Roster

Milena stands out the most

I’d rather use C.Marj on defense than Reuben. Same for Milena > Frida.

I’d probably go: C.Kad - Milena - Freya - Sir Roostley - C.Marj
Maybe C.Kad at flank instead.


What defensive positioning would you use with your recommendations? M, W, V or upside down V? Thank you for the response!

Louhi and Milena stand out to me. For defense I’d do a W in this order of Roostley - CKad-Milena-Freya-Costume Marj. The vanamonin and Louhi combo could be pretty solid too. 25% less special skill damage with fam bonus. Nice roster!


Thank you all for the input on the defensive heroes layout, and who to level up next.

Thoughts on who should be in the queue for being LB’ed?

I am thinking Freya, C. Marjana, Milena (once I am caught up with prior LB’ed blues that are not 85 yet), Sir Roostly, and Evelyn.

Thanks everyone!

Very nice roster you have there. Some enviable heroes.
Personally, When it comes to limit breaking heroes I live by 2 rules

  1. Always limit break Elemental Def down Heroes as they should never go out of style…
  2. Limit break the heroes you use the most

Half of my current defence is not limit broken as I don’t use those heroes in many other places…

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses:

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Once I am finished with Milena, who should I level up next for Blue? Note, since my initial post HA10 has blessed me with Magni’s costume. Thank you all!