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So I’ve had a pretty great September, managing to pick up both Jabberwock on a free draw and Gravemaker on a 10 pull. Obviously they’re both pretty great, but it’s left me wondering just what to do with defense.

Here’s what I have available now (or soon):


  • Telluria +18 (pretty sure this is still my best option)
  • Lianna +18
  • Kingston
  • C. Elkanen
  • Margaret (yeah, I know)
  • Ratatoskr 3/70
  • Zocc 3/70

This one is pretty straightforward, right? Put Telluria in the center. Except…


  • Kunchen +16
  • Kageburado +18
  • Sartana
  • Aeron +10
  • Jabberwock

Presumably the best move is to take Kunchen off of defense and take emblems off of Aeron and put them on Jabberwork?


  • Jean-Francois +4
  • Marjana +10
  • Grazul
  • Azlar
  • Gravemaker

Put in Gravemaker I assume, but do I steal emblems from Kageburado to do it or do I just allocate future barbarian emblems to him?


  • Fenrir +16
  • C. Magni
  • C. Richard
  • Misandra
  • Isarnia

Really not sure what to do here. Fenrir is fun, but I could easily take his emblems off and give them to Magni. Good idea? More synergy there if I take Kunchen off of defense I suppose?


  • Onatal +18
  • Vivica
  • Joon

Obviously I’m weakest here, but Onatel seems like the obvious pick regardless.

So do I go something like:

C. Magni - Onatel - Telluria - Gravemaker - Jabberwock? Different order? Other good combinations of heroes to play with that I’m not seeing?


My $0.02 would be to run:

Jabberwock -- Onatel -- Telluria -- Gravemaker -- Fenrir

I would do some emblem shifting to optimise this too.

Monk: 100% steal everything from Aeron and put them onto Jabberwock. Not sure where the rest of the monk emblems are but I would seriously consider moving them too.

Barbarian: Move all of them from Kage -> Gravemaker.

Fighter keep bumping Fenrir up.

An argument could be made to install Jean-Francois AND Gravemaker on the same defence team. Would need to split them up a fair bit tho but it could be effective.

Order might be something like:
Jabberwock -- Jean-Francois -- Telluria -- Fenrir -- Gravemaker

Telluria & Jean both provide a barrier to stacking lots of blues against the two reds; JF with his Ice Defence Buff & Telluria by being opposing element to blue. Plus having GM on the Right means his bigger & superior burn will over-write JF’s if they both happen to fire same time.


Wu has a couple to keep him alive for titans but I have an awful lot that just aren’t allocated. This is definitely a reason to actually use them.

I was afraid of that. I kind of knew already, but wow that’s going to be expensive.

This looks really solid. Glad you want Fenrir in. I do like him, but he doesn’t seem to have the best reputation.

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I just agree with your original defense plan. That’s already ok.


Magni C / Gravemaker / telluria / Onatel / Jabber
Magni C is much bether as Fenrir.
Grave / Telluria / jabber are really good.
Onatel is annoying and Magni C, is much bether than Fenrir.
Fenrir can do more than 700 damage is less than 50 %, but less than 50 % is almost 600- 800 HP, Magni C can do always 600-800 damage + debuff


Excellent advice. Long term I’ll likely look at moving emblems to C. Magni, but I have enough strain on my food supply already leveling and embleming the other two.

Thanks to everyone for good, thoughtful advice.

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