Help on cleaning my roster

I’m uncertain about what heroes I should destroy. In general I would avoid to destroy 5* clones, for the moment.
Here is my roster (in the end I placed also Trainer Heroes. I am used to save some trainer heroes).

Feed all your dupes away.

Rigard (keep 3)
Grimm (keep 2)
Sonya (keep 2)
5* (keep all)


I would add Kiril too. That dwarf is awesome in blue stacks.


Yeah… I am planning to grow up a second kiril when I will have no other blue to raise up (I already started the second kiril, but I had to pause it). I noticed that I forgot to place the first kirkil copy (full maxed) (so I have a total of 4 kiril, not 3). Also the second Coedmon is at tier 3 so I will not feed it. About Sonya: do you think she is actually so useful to have 2? (OT: About Sumitomo… I don’t like him… I feel that not only the duple but also the “first copy” could be fed xD)

Very cool roster!

I would rather wait until this rolls out:

Since you can use every hero only once, maybe its good to have some depth until we have further
intelligence on this event.

just my two cents.

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Yeah you are right. I will wait, but I hope I could remove 3-4 heroes from my roster… I will probably feed out my yellow Trainer heroes as first hero (I don’t have arrows so I use it on Liu Xiu that it is near the end). But still I must find 2-3 heroes to discard.

If you want specific feed away targets, I would definitely get rid of

3rd Sabina
2nd Cyprian
3rd Chao
2nd Boril
2nd Wu
2nd By Ulf
2nd Sumitomo
2nd Gormek

None of these are so awe inspiring that you need them in those numbers

Honourable mention to 2nd Li Xiu if you need another roster space

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