Help on choosing my next green

Guys your help, nearly finishing leveling Brynhild, which other green should I level to finish my green team? Keep in mind if a 5* will take me a while to get the mats, thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Zocc is really fun to play with I would personally go for him

Either finish the higher leveled Melendor off, or quickly finish Grevle.

Melendor- he gives heal, dispel, and costume gives defense to the whole team.

Yeah but have defence and dispel on my green heroes, Gadeirus would give me attack but he’s at slow speed , Elkanen would heal himself…

A healer (not heal 3) like costumed Melendor would do nicely. I have two and use him frequently. Or Jack O’Hare if you want more offense, he’s solid.

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