Help new Alliance Leader? Can I remove player from upcoming war?

I recently started an alliance. We have a player whose been inactive 2 days, including the last war. I don’t want to remove them from the alliance. But I’m confused by the current rules… Can I, as leader, remove them from the battlefield? If they log in before next war starts, I’m happy if they add themselves back.

Did this:

become reality? I thought I read it did, but I can’t see how, as leader, to remove a different player from the battlefield.

THANKS for helping a newbie! :blush:

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No. You can kick them or opt out of the war.

There is no individual opt out yet. And no plans to allow leaders to force an individual out of war, as far I know.


At the moment you can’t.
Your only option is to kick it or to opt opt your enteire alliance.

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THANKS! I appreciate the clarification!!