Help needed with green Titan team

Second attempt here, apologies if anyone attempted to reply first time, I’ve changed the picture. Advice please for strongest team against green titans. I rarely manage to get decent scores. Thanks.


You have some key heros for maximum damage on green titans. Who do you use currently? Puzzled. :thinking:

I would suggest:
Miki - Boldtusk - Wilbur - Falcon - JF

Players in my alliance get very great scores with that team on 14* titans :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m currently using G Falcon, Boldtusk, Miki, Azlar C, Wilbur

I’ll try using JF nstead of Azlar C. Thanks

Azlar C is better attack stat I think even at +3 compared to JF, how much JF attack stat at +14?
It is similiar with my green titan team, but I don’t have Azlar, and Elena is 3.70, so I use Scarlett+18.

Wait, you have also Elena Costume, She is more better then Azlar Costume.

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JF gives Crit chance - That’s why he is great for titans


Okay, make sense… :+1: I also would try next titan, thanks.


Elena costume is only at 3.70. When I get rings, Gefjon is front of the queue

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