Help needed to choose for which event I need to spend gems and about magni

Hi community , which event I need to spend gems constume or this valahala summon ? ( I plan to do my first 10 pull for this valahala but I badly want magni constume now that’s y confused ) and it is worth to level up magni without constume because I’m worrying about his defence ( easily kill )


Magni is a little frail but his offence is amazing. Even if you don’t put him on your defense team I’ve found him really useful on offense and vs titans. I levelled him without his costume for sure.

The odds of pulling his costume are pretty low, so unless there are other costumes you really want I’d recommend waiting for valhalla - seems like that’s what you’re really interested except for magni. The more heroes you want, the less likely you are to be disappointed

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