HELP needed, please help forming titan team, raid team and defending team!


Above is my heroes, and i just joined this game 1 month. Please give some advise on building
titan team, raid team and defending team!


Titan Team:

Brienne - Sonya - Colen - Skittleskull - Belith

Choose a healer, an attack buffer and your 3 highest attack hero.

Offensive Raid Team

SkittleSkull - Colen - Sonya - Belith - Gunnar

Spirit link with gunnar, heal up with belith, skittleskull to debuff enemy attack

Once you managed to spirit link using gunnar skill, you are most likely gonna win as long as enemy not overly stronger than your team.

Defensive raid team

(1) Bane - Skittleskull- Sonya - Boomer - Colen

Sonya your strongest tank in center or

(2) Bane - Sonya - Skittleskull - Boomer - Colen

Skittleskull in center, to debuff enemy attack before he dies for 6 turns

Colen weak defense, always be at the side

No healers, just kamikaze and kill enemy heroes fast

Something along these lines but you definitely need better heroes.

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I hope you don’t mind my “butting in” on this thread, but I need the same advice and wasn’t really sure where else to ask. Here are my heroes, any advice for the make up of my needed teams, please?


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Titan Team

Wukong - Tiburtus- Joon - Thoth - Perseus

Wukong for attack buff, Tiburtus for defense debuff, your 3 other strongest 5* heroes for damage

Trying reading this guide from our alliance forum to understand titan team:

Offensive Raid Team

Wukong - Perseus - Boril - Joon - Sabina

Boril to tank in mid, Perseus, Joon with single target damage (STD), Sabina for heal, Wukong for attack buff

Defensive Raid Team

Wukong - Caedmon - Boril - Perseus - Joon

Boril to tank + counterattack, Caedmon, Perseus, Joon for single target damage (STD), wukong for attack buff

Lastly, If you would like to chat about game strategies, feel free to add me Wizgoth on Line chat and I’ll add you to our small but growing E&P Line Chat Community.

Where is the article about Titan teams?
Where is the article about Titan teams?

Thank you so much!!! I have been wandering through the game for about 2-3 weeks now, trying to figure things out, and find my way around. Finding this forum has helped me immensely, and this ^ advice is sooo what I needed. I was guessing at who to use for what. The team at the top of that final screen shot is the team that I have been using for everything. At this point, I just need to start leveling some of the ones that you listed. Almost all my ice heroes, except the Karil, are new. He was my only decent blue I had, so the last summons go-around for ice, I pulled for 5, and got Boril and Perseus out of it. I am not so good at hitting Titans yet, but will certainly consider your alliance invite, thank you!


So, no healer for the defense, or Titan team?


For titans you want damage, i only take a healer if i have no better option for that color, although melendor does strong tile damage for being 4*


Thanks Talisax. How about Defense team, no healer?


wow, very details lineup you shown! and very nice writeup on guides to hit titan. A big thanks from me and all newbies for your hardwork wizgoth bro.


On defense a healer can be helpful, especially if they have a secondary buff


Thanks for the info. I really appreciate the help. I am learning more and more each day!


IKR! This is great, to find people who are willing to help and share what they know with us newbs.


Colen is a much scarier tank than Skittles, should be right in the middle if run on defense at all in my estimation.


you are right about the titan team. you can bring a healer if you have troubles surviving. there is no hard and fast rule, you should always adapt my recommendation to what you feel best.

I am just giving you a headstart, in the end, i am sure you will find your best fit :wink:

For defense team, you can check this analysis of the top 25 defense raid team that I made:

You will see not everyone runs a healer at the top 25. Only around a quarter of the top defense raid teams run a healer.

If you would like to chat about game strategies, feel free to add me Wizgoth on Line chat and I’ll add you to our small but growing E&P Line Chat Community.


I disagree with using healers in Titan attacks. YMMV but you have NINETY SECONDS. Pack some cheap green potions and arrows and use them to slow the titan attacks, and just hit that sucker as hard and as fast as you can. If your hero has 1 hp left he can still deliver full strength special.


Thanks for all the great tips and tricks guys. I really appreciate it very much. My biggest problem is that some of my “better” heroes (like Joon and Toth), just get nailed and die fairly quickly on me. I have been trying to also level up my troops, but I can’t seem to get enough yellow troops TO level up with (food) for my Holy heroes. I also keep forgetting to upgrade my “troop station”, before I jump on upgrading another building that takes soooo long to complete. Example being, it has been since like 5 or 6 am this morning that I started an upgrade on my Stronghold, and it STILL has a little over 19 hours to go. Wizgoth, I downloaded line and added you. Thanks again for all of ya’lls help. I started a notebook early in playing, that I have been taking copious notes in. I have been going over all the forums, etc. that I can find on E&P, and also to add all of this great advice in.


Thanks. I’ve added you too and also invited you to our small and growing E&P line chat.
Feel free to ask any questions there.
No question is a bad question :slight_smile:

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Its better to have 1 of each color in your team. A healer a buffer and 3 big attackers.


Not always, doubling up on the strong color while eliminating the weak is a veryveffectice technique


Thanks for posting your Guide. I assume you have also put it in the Player Guide section? :wink: