Help needed on who to spend acsention mats on?

So, as my first team of 5 stars are slowly approaching the 3/70 mark, this new update hit. Probably at the perfect time, since i haven’t actually pulled any of the heros up into their last acsention.

I’m assuming because of rarity of these new emblems that you want to have 5 different classes of heros in your defense team line up. At least right now? So, it’s sorta throwing to the wind my original plan for my first rainbow 5 star team.

This was my plan for that said team. Exact order could be tweaked.

Thing is, both Panther and Magni are fighter class and both Onatel and Zeline are wizards. So, i guess a big part of my question is, who should i bring up first to give these precious emblems to?

My 4 star could use some more fully ascended heros possibly too? I have 4 gloves now and will need more projects soon. Although i could just keep bringing heros up to the AM wall.

I thought i had such a clear path, now I’m not too sure.
I took screen shots of the mats i have available and then my heros ive got to choose from. I’d like to save the orbs and gloves for Onatel, but…i just don’t know now. She’s so new that she’s still sorta a wild card. If I’m gonna give Zeline my Wizard emblems, not sure it’s worth taking her past 2/60. With this class system, would Justice really be such a bad idea for a tank now? I’m not really looking to get into the top 100 at this time.
One thing i was feel I’ve been hurting for using this team right now is a healer. It’s quickly approaching the “strength” number wise of my maxed 4* team (with 3/70) Lianna. I have 2 healers on that team. I will have my TC20 fully researched in 5 days…i could just hold out and hope Vivian graces my presence.
Or, i could go Onatel for Wizard and give Lianna my tonics when i get my last one?

I know, lots of questions, but i went with Magni originally for my ice hero. Panther is my only purple 5 star and she is amazing, so I’m thinking she should get my fighter tokens someday. Should i bring up Richard now instead? That would rule out using Justice.

So many choices to make! But, as i said, I’m probably not in too horrible of a place since I’m just now bringing my 5s up to the 3/70 mark. If I’d already used my final ascension mats i mighta been a little more upset.

Ok, here is what I’m working with. Not opposed to working on some more 4 star right now either. I just want to save some mats to bring up a couple of 5* all the way. Such as 4 shields, 4 blades and 4 trap tools.
I only have 4 capes, but i wouldn’t be opposed to giving them to Richard if that’s the best route? My goal for getting 5s up there is so i have an easier time completing events like the legendary tier of the challenge event and getting further in the Christmas challenge without using a ton of precious items!

Thanks in advance! And sorry for the book i wrote!

@Starryeyedgryph you have come a LONG WAY QUICKLY!!! Congratulations!

I didn’t go into detail just looked at your Team2 and immediately can make the following suggestions… If you are looking to hit hard first go Magni. Otherwise Zeline. As your 1st to full. Just my opinion. Then whomever you didn’t choose take them next… Then I’m sure you will have others to consider (otherwise Panther and Zim are excellent choices - I don’t know enough about Onatel yet to recommend - so take that into consideration). RaZ

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I would max ares and rigard once you are done getting your folks mid tier to 70. Ares is going to be your best paladin for emblems and is all around fantastic.

At your stage I would worry more about maxing good heroes and by color than worry about a year and some for now with emblems.

I wouldn’t 70 any of those blues, I’d wait for a scope and max magni.


I actually really like Ares as well. I know i was working on Zim to give her my first set of rings, but another set may not be too long away after?!
In war today, Ares kept my middle 3 heros alive in a battle that i was 1000 points TP under the other team. And that’s him just at 2/60.
I am not too worried about the emblems, i just think i should take them into consideration as i am putting together my team.
I was debating pulling Ares up to 3/70, but right now i only use him for wars and he doesn’t have Zims cleanse. Besides Rigard, she is the only hero i have with that and it’s pretty valuable.
The reason i haven’t given Rigard mats is cause i wanted more hitting power, or possibly the mana control that Merlin or Proteus has?

You should be using Ares on titans - sandwhich your 2 strongest strong-color heroes around him, he will help keep all 3 alive AND give the attack and crit buff.

I think making sure you have a full team healer in every war team will do more for adding to your war scores than a hitter.

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Ares would probably be great for keeping heros alive for titans, but right now that’s not too much of a problem. My alliance only has 7 people and we just took down our first 4*. I’d be replacing gormek with him and at 2/60 my maxed gormek has a higher attack and his 34% defense down is invaluable to me. I do see what you are saying about Ares, but he’s not immediately usable to me.
I’m actually just now getting my titan hits up with stacking 3-1-1 and using my still baby Wu.
In regards to getting healers for war, maybe i should work on Boldtusk first? I’d probably be able to get him to 3/60 in the same time i could pull ares up from 2/60 to 3/70.

Although, i guess what you mean. +57% added to attack. Sorry i was seeming obstinate when you were just offering your advice

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