Help needed in building a versatile team

I have been playing for 3 months now and I’m finally able to ascend either some 4* heroes to tier 4 or 5* heroes to tier 3.
I know it is generally recommended to first build a 4* team.
But it is very tempting to level Ariel and even though he seems to be a less loved hero, I got used to my Anzogh too…
My problem is: I need a healer, so far I mostly still use Belith. But if I ascend Ariel I will have to give up Grimm on a rainbow team, and I really like him.
Blue: really like my Grimm, but Ariel is an amazing healer that could save me on tougher levels.
Red: too many options here lol.
Boldtusk as a substitute for Ariel maybe? He doesn’t heal as much though and I wouldn’t have additional heal from Anzogh, who has saved me every now and then. Kelile hits hard and is a fast sniper, nice to have on a titan team…
Green: Caedmon without a doubt.
Holy: Won’t waste any more resources on Danzaburro for sure
Dark: not sure if I should ascend Cyprian or wait for a better one.

It took 3 months to aquire the current ascension materials so I am scared to make the wrong decision. Help would be very appreciated :smiley:

Boldstuck, Grimm and Cyprian should receive your mats imo. Cyprian can hold at tank for a long time and can help a lot by making enemy kill themselves.
I used 3/60 Cyprian to successfully complete the last level of Springvale a few months back.
Don’t underestimate the power of riposte :slightly_smiling_face:
And BT should heal plenty for the duration of the fight with Grimm killing everyone with his massive hits :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t forget that a max 4* can be used to complete legendary tier of events, whilst a 3/70 5* can’t be used during epic tier :wink:
So with max 4*, you can complete 2 tiers that give guaranteed mats to ascend more heroes :man_superhero:
Edit : Just checked your roster. Actually, i would bring BT to 3/60, then lvl Wilbur to 3/60 and then ascend one or the other.
Wilbur is a game changer and is of great use, even at 3/60! Let Anzogh sit for now. BT/Wilbur pairing will let you clear most of the events/rare quests with good item usage :blush:

Have fun :partying_face:


Agree with this 100%. For early players like myself, Riposte help me go through the maps like butter, I’d recommend Cyprian for any player with a limited amount of 4*

Grim and BT are the other obvious choices.


Hello and welcome.

Red: Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett
Blue: Grimm (waiting 1 cape), Ariel
Green: Caedmon (ascend)
Yellow: -
Purple: Cyprian

The Blue healer VS Ramming Pulvizener, I prefer Grimm 1st as you still can use belith for a while, and use heal pots for maps, event challenge, and titan.

Edit: Well Ariel is very good *5 with avarage healer. Hard choice.

Notes: 2-3 rainbow *3 heroes will help your stack colors
Consider best *3 heroes to keep:
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Melia, Kailani
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra

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All the advice above is excellent but you REALLY need a healer. It may makes sense to emblem your 3* healers for now or hope you get a lucky summons. Make sure you bring extra healing pots with you meanwhile.
That said, the worst thing that can happen to newer players is pulling 5* right off the bat. I made that mistake and lost several weeks if not a month of leveling 4* trying to get my 5* to a useful point.

Good luck and May RNGesus grant you a healer (BT, Kiril, Sabina or Melendor please)

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Quick question
In my defence I’m using Gormek(4/40+) as tank, Boril(3/60), Frida(2/52) flank and Rigard,(4/25) Li(3/60) as wing.
Any thought
Also have Sonya, Caedmon, Jackal, BT, Jack ohare, Tiburtus, at 3/60 or higher.
A few more 4* ascending, including Cyprian, not ready for prime time yet.
Thank you.
Have fun.

Hey Wolf9!
For your defense, i would have 4 options.

  1. Rigard - Boril - Gormek - Li - Caedmon
    Gormek in his last tier will get beefier and can really take a beating!
  2. Rigard - Gormek - Li - Boril - Caedmon
    Only if you ascend Li. My wife is using her as tank and her defense is holding her in platinum. I am not saying that you should ascend Li as i don’t know what materials you have :joy:
  3. Caedmon - Gormek - Rigard - Boril/Li - Li/Sonya
    Rigard is my tank currently and helping keep at 2100-2200 cups pretty comfortably.
  4. Rigard - Gormek - Boril - Li - Caedmon
    Only if you plan on getting Boril to tier 4.
    I don’t have Frida but at 2/60, i don’t she is one of your strongest hero. She might die too easily to be of any help(At least, my 2/60 Alice was :rofl:) You could swap Sonya in for Caedmon in option 1 or 3, if you don’t care about a rainbow defense.
    Hope it answers your questions.
    Good night :partying_face:

Thank you,
I cannot ascent just yet, Jackal stole the orbs.
Caedmon is at 3/60, i could level him, but i just got Melancor yesterday, and Jack is right there(3/45) and i like him in offence.
I put Frida in because i thought that she could be annoying.
Will go with # 1 the only change is swap Li position and add Caedmon (used to be there)
Thank you again.
Have fun.

I don’t have Jack, so i can’t talk for him :crazy_face:
As for Jackal, mine is maxed and on my defense team because i have no hero to place there just yet :dizzy_face:

And it is a great idea to take your 4* ro 3/60 before ascending them. At least until you have 2-3 of each colors. This way, you don’t spend hard to earn ascension mats and you have strong heroes to chose from, depending on the situation. Leveling a 4* 4/1 to 4/70 is also very long and cost a lot of resources,
The maths are on the forum somewhere if you want to compare😉
It also allow to get to know the hero and if you like him enough to ascend or not. I know i will never ascend Gormek because i am using Grimm and Wilbur everywhere!

Jack is pretty good, damage to all, decent hit, only problem shoot himself in the foot for 3 turn.(-20% def.)
I don’t have many heroes, but Wilbur is one that I’m looking forward to get, at some time, maybe. AR is almost here! :laughing:
Not yet at Sh 20, no Tc 20.
Gormek is really beefy can take a beating, perfect for my needs, don’t take him on offence that much, mainly in events toward the last levels, and titans stacks, (BT, Kelile+ 3*'s) not much of a damage dealer still def- is handy.
Thanks again.

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My Jack is 3:60 & I’m debating on which 2 to ascend (Little John, Jack, & Evelyn) probably the last 2, but hopefully they will be making a 4* version of Gato so we don’t have to worry about that -20 defense problem

Thank you so much for the advice.

It hurts to give up on Ariel for the moment but I think I’ll level Boldtusk for a healer for now so I can focus on Grimm once I get another coat.
For now I ascended Caedmon, as he was the only one at 3.60

I also started working on some 3*s because they are so much faster to fully ascend and I don’t want to be so useless in wars :sweat_smile:
I need more variety for the trials too…

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Hello and thanks,
From what i read on the forum, Evelyn is pretty good but i don’t have her so no exp. to share.
LJ is slow but when ready he hit hard, mana - is very good.
I like Jack, fast, damage to all, again survival may be an issue further down the game. I wouldn’t recommende him for defence but good offence. Having a healer or a rispoter does help in general.
To Junglejane,
BT is a must have in offence IMO. Not a hitter, still can take a hit or 2, healer + att. +, tiles damage is average.
I agree 3* are fun and some are pretty good, especially whith a few emblems.
I have set up 2 teams of fighter + 2 healers, and working on a team made up of Atlantis 3*.
For wars they come handy as a fifth or sixth team or stacking, some events have 3* only levels, and some of the raids tournament are also 3* only, so they still have their use.
Enjoy and have fun.

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