Help needed for emblem telluria

Hi all , please share the telluria emblem path ( I’m confused because if I go with health minion health is increased but defence is good that’s y ) and it is good to remove emblem from richard and give to telluria ?

Wait until the nerf before stripping emblems or adding any to Telluria.


There’s a good thread on this here: Telluria Emblems -- heart path... Or shield path...?

As for stripping from Richard, I’ve been very conservative about moving Emblems from one hero to another, and have preferred to just add them as I get new ones.

So if it were me, I’d be inclined to keep the existing ones on Richard, unless it’s strongly important to you to up your War Defense.

And as @Rduke77 said, it would be wise to wait a bit anyway.


Thanks all …

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If you get the costume and have even a lv 1 mana troop, going the mana node on Richard is quite worth it because it makes him almost fast. I personally stripped for Telluria back in the first weeks when Telluria came out, but depending on the nerf I may be moving around Paladin, and Richard costume is a candidate.

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This i got from that post

I guess no nerf will be after listen those comments against nerf lol

Consider one def point = 2 hp point. Consider also telluria ad paladin procs (+25% def). There is only one way for her it’s def path. This the way which turn her info a real unbeatable tank.

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If these numbers are right, I would just go the defense path. 100 health for 70 defense is not worth it. Especially with her paladin talent, you will be happy you went the defense path.

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I got this details from link which was shared by @zephyr1 above

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