Help needed for Attack Team. Use Proteus instead of...?

I only have a few 4* heroes, and am not sure when to slot my new Proteus in.

The main cast:
Gormek 4.70+3
Sabina 4.70+6
Wu Kong 4.70+1

Boril 3.60
Boldtusk 3.60
Caedmon 3.60
Melendor 3.60


I currently default to running with Boril and replacing him with one of the other co-stars depending on the colors I’m up against.

I was going to add Proteus to the co-star list once I get him leveled up, but everything I’ve read on the forum seems to suggest I should always take him, but I’m not sure who to leave behind then (and I confess to feeling a moment of joy when an attacker kills itself on Boril’s riposte).

What team would you use?

Any advice you can give will help!

Yes, for me basically my setup (almost) always like this:
BT + (3 strong color against tank) + Proteus

But after I get Kiril, sometimes I replace Boldtusk with Kiril specially againts double red opponent.


That’s a great base of 4*s you’ve got there. I’m mostly on 5s now, but your list is familiar for much of my 2018 action. Here’s what I’d suggest - it changes as to whether you’re looking at defense, attack, or titan teams:

Defense: Ideally you want a rainbow, to prevent color stacking. I’d go with Boril as tank just marginally over BT, even though both are great, and stack in order Caedmon-BT-Boril-Proteus-Chao (once auditions are over) -Boril-Wu-Sabina until then. Caedmon and BT at far left would clear buffs for the rest and boost your defensive attacks; Chao would close out with mana control (Li would be better for defense, but you don’t have her). In AWs, I’d probably go with two healers, such as BT and Mel

Attack: You have enough good heros to color stack 4 of 5 colors, so I’d double stack where needed (eg, Wu and Chao against two purples, or a purple tank), and tailor your teams to the defense. Facing another Boril? Pick Mel and Caedmon for the counter as well as color stack. Use Proteus whenever possible to stifle strong attackers before they activate specials.

Titans: Use Wu! Even vs yellow titans, he’s good. Color stack as possible, and try to get and bring a defense lowering hero (Gorm, or if you can get them Tibs, Grimm, or Wilbur) as well as BT for the attack boost. GL! :slight_smile:


Proteus was my second 4* ever, so I got used to bringing him on almost all my raids. I also pulled Sabina early, and by that time I had 2 of every other color except Yellow. So I would often run a 2-2-1 stack in Raids, with Proteus and Sabina in almost all of them (even against Purple tanks sometimes). I now have a better bench and usually do 3-2 stacks, but Proteus and Sabina are almost always in my attack team still.

It was NOT easy against those Purples, and I still curse Cyprian or Rigard to this day :wink:

But Proteus and Sabina both have great general utility. For Proteus, just remember that cleansers (Rigard, Vivica, Zim) can cure his mana stop.

I understand why you want to bring Gormek, Sabina and Wu always. They’re you’re maxed 4*s. But if you bring Proteus as a 4th, then that leaves only Gormek as a direct damage dealer. However, with Wu and Gormek, that means you’re aiming to kill the enemy with tile damage. Proteus helps there; once his mana stop is in effect, you can dump as many tiles as you want into enemies without them gaining mana and firing off your specials. Boldtusk would be generally good here, the attack buff adds to the effectiveness of the “kill em with tiles” strategy.

But Greywing gives great advice. There is no “one size fits all” for building an attack team. Choose your team based on the defense. Try to bring 2 heroes strong against the tank color, and 2 more strong against the flank. But it also depends. If your enemy has a riposter for example, you want a dispeller - even if your only dispeller isn’t of a strong color.

Still, you can’t go wrong using Proteus, especially if you max him up :wink:


I think @Greywing pretty much covered it. You want your offense to be offensive and your defense annoying.


My current attack team is a 2-2-1, Hansel, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Proteus.

Haven’t lost a raid yet, finished S2 and now flying through S2H. Proteus needs to be taken off the auditioning bench and get a leading role, he’s a game changer.


He’s still learning his lines : )

I got him about 30 hours ago and he’s at 2.50, waiting for food to ascend. Best I can do for now.

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That’s a great thing :slight_smile:

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Thanks y’all!

That’s really helpful–the variations based on context, and the “I just bring him” replies.
At 3.30, he’s already useful in Atlantis fights. Such freedom to not worry about boss attacks for a while!

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