Help needed, Avallon Advanced Stage 10

Hi there,
I have no idea how to manage the last stage, so I need to ask. Does anyone have an advice how I can win?
Which one to fight first?
Evtl. Even which hero to use?
The laste heros i have problem with are Arthus in the middle, Guinevere at the right and Morgan Le Fay at the left,

The hero’s I can use are
Zeline 3Tiers Lvl 70
Lianna 3Tiers Lvl 29
Obakan 3Tiers Lvl 70
Khagan 3Tiers Lvl 56
Richard 3Tiers Lvl 56
Vivica 3Tiers Lvl 47
Delilah 2Tiers Lvl 56

Besides those I consider as strong only
Coolen 3Tiers Lvl 57
Grimm 4Tiers Lvl 31
That’s it, I guess. I have some others, but they aren’t leveled yet.

What do you think, can I do the last stage?
And sry since it must be hard for you to read my post, English isn’t my mother tongue.

Greetings from Germany

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Do you have timestops and tornadoes? These are high level battle items from forge.

Both available,
Timestop 4 Times and
tornado 11 times
Role of … (get one Hero alive) 12 times
Role of … (get all hero’s alive) 5 times
Dragonstorm (how is it called? 40ppoints off and 132 off for 6 rounds) 5 times,

So I am going to take tornado, timetrap, x, x
Do you think it’s advisable to take the dragonstorm and the mighty mana (100%) as well or better some of the roles?

I would do this



Work your way through mob wave one.
Mana up your heros before killing mob wave two.
Fire off all Dragons, Bombs and Axes.
Fire off your hero specials
Tornadoes and hope for combos

Its material expensive, but you’ll get it sone for sure and you’ll get your 3x unfarmable items

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I guess you mean the bombs are the things looking like meteorites?

Should I use them all at the same time or wait until the damage per round is also finished?
I am asking instead of trying since it is a lot of material I am using.

Oh, almost forgot: thank’s for helping

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Yeah if you use all 15 Battle items like dragon attack, bombs and axes, by the time you start firing specials all of them should be with less than 40% of HP (life). So your specials will give another good damage and then just a few tiles will do the rest. Don’t spend Vivica special straight, wait until you need it

Edit: I would choose Obakan instead of Richard, to increase tile damage on Guinevere and avoid reflect blue.

Just made a test fight with the specific constellation. I never had as many purple tiles ever, but no fitting hero. I guess one death I have to die.

Another attempt, on the regular map of course.

Purple tiles will be awesome against Guinevere, but you do need a purple hero and Obakan is even more leveled than Richard.

More than characters, last stage is about items.

My recipe:

  • started with dragons, bombs, arrows and time stops
  • team of maxed 4*'s (Caedmon, Melendor, Rigard, Boldtusk, Wu Kong)
  • used 2 dragons+bombs+arrows or axes
  • made (or at least, try to!) evenly tile damage to all foes
  • when their mana’s were almost filled, time stop
  • heal/buff/debuff when/if needed
  • repeat.

With your roster, go for Zeline/Vivica/Lianna/Grimm/Khagan. I prefer to get rid of Morgana first, her special seems more annoying than Guinevere one to me. Then, is time to use the power of your double greens to crush Arthur. Lastly, be patient with Guinevere.

I think you can do it. Good luck!


Grimm is usually squishy, with low defense. And with reflect blue it’s even worse. Besides that, there aren’t red enemies to need a blue hero. I would insist on Obakan

Yeah!!! Made it,
Just by brute force.
I used double green, Khagan in the middle (to speed up mana regeneration) Viv beside him and Obakan at the right outside.
Well, I smashed the five dragons, followed right away by the five bombs, tried some Axes in combination with the tiles, had to use twice the tornado and all three of them were down.

I guess if I had had mor self confidence I would have made it with less material. Well, next time. :slight_smile:

Thank you for assistance.



Congratulations :slight_smile: